Making autumn door wreaths from natural materials – 27 ideas

autumn door wreath leaves leaves colorful maple

Make a nice one Autumn door wreath with a little help from nature. Pumpkins, corn on the cob, apples and other natural treasures decorate these autumnal wreaths and warmly welcome your guests.

Autumn door wreath with feathers

autumn door wreath branches feathers flowers white berries red

This feathered wreath for fall would amaze anyone. Glue small artificial pheasant feathers to the end of the sticks of the wreath blank. Then glue Brazil nuts around the center before tucking the medium-sized feathers into the wreath. Proceed to the large tail feathers, which would resemble a cat’s whiskers. Bring a large satin bow between the tail feathers to complete the wreath.

Autumn door wreath in square shape

autumn door wreath square orange color bleed idea

A door wreath does not always have to be round. Instead, try a square. It is best to use a picture frame for this. Also, for the above example, get dried flowers of any fall color and arrange the blooms on the frame.

Door wreath made of linen and sheets of fabric

autumn door wreath linen leaves fabric tinkering idea

You can also make an attractive autumn door wreath out of fabric. The best way to do this is to use linen with which you wrap the ring, as well as colorful fabric with autumn motifs, from which you can sew leaves or flowers to add color accents to the wreath.

Yellow flowers for an autumn door wreath

autumn door wreath blossoms dried accents yarn

The yellow color is perfect for an autumn mood and can therefore be attached to an autumn door wreath in the form of flowers. Add some green accents with leaves and add some red flowers if you want. Pine cones and other dried details work just as well.

Autumn door wreath made of leaves and pine cones

autumn door wreath tinker artichokes lotus flowers autumn leaves

Make a gorgeous wreath that will last from Halloween through Christmas. Dried artichokes, lotus and pine cones. Put autumn leaves in brown and gold between the wreath branches. Fasten with hot glue.

Door wreath with berry branches

door autumn decoration wreath craft idea berry branches feather rustic

Create an inviting look for your front door with colorful berry and fir branches in a wreath. Tie a burlap bow and add an artificial turkey feather for a natural finish

Khaki fruit and pomegranate wreath

autumn wreath front door craft idea khaki fruit pomegranate

Use exotic fruits like khaki and pomegranates to add an unexpected flair to the fall wreath. To attach the fruit to the wreath, insert a wire through the center of the fruit. Tie a bow at the top. To make the fresh fruit last longer, make sure the wreath is hung in a cool place. If you want the wreath to hold out for the next year, use artificial fruit.

Autumn door wreath made of pheasant feathers

door wreath pheasant feathers nuts loop autumn idea

Corn on the cob wreath

autumn door wreath tinker corn on the cob leaves dry


autumn door wreath tinker chrysanthemums orange colorful

Wheat wreath on Thanksgiving day

Make thanksgiving wreath yourself

Milky orange tree and pine cones

autumn door wreath tinker milk orange tree pine cones berry branches

Orange bast ribbon

autumn orange raffia door wreath tinker lush

Apples and pine cones

autumn wreath fragrant craft idea cones apples

Pumpkins, silk flowers, acorns and colorful feathers in a wire basket

tinker door wreath wire basket silk flowers decorative pumpkins

Thin branches and yellow flowers

autumn wreath branches yellow flowers idea

Leaf rake with creeping juniper and berry branches

autumn door decoration tinker leaves rake berry branches

Wreath of mini pumpkins

autumn wreath tinker mini pumpkins fall leaves

Pussy willow branches

autumn door wreath tinker pussy willow branches

Nuts and autumn leaves

autumn door wreath tinker idea nuts autumn leaves

Indian corn

tinker autumn door wreath indian corn branches

Cones and kumquat (dwarf oranges)

tinker autumn wreath pine cones kmquat dwarf oranges loop

Kale, apples and maple leaves

autumn wreath tinker kale maple leaves front door

dry corn leaves wreath

autumn wreath tinker ideas corn leaves

Oriental bittersweet berries and lantern flowers

autumn door wreath tinker lampion flowers berries natural materials

Mini pumpkins and corn

autumn decoration door wreath corn on the cob mini pumpkins berries

green maple leaves and bottle gourds

autumn door wreath maple leaves bottle gourds green