Make pumpkins with children from old sweaters or socks

Pumpkin tinker orange sweater jute cord segments

Autumn is pumpkin time! Big or small, orange, white or colored – pumpkins are simply part of autumn. The autumn fruits can be used not only to conjure up wonderful dishes, but also to create imaginative decorations for your home. The problem with the fresh pumpkins is that they mold and rot quickly. A lot of people get frustrated when their artwork is not as beautiful after a few days. Pumpkins made from non-perishable materials such as paper and fabric offer a nice alternative. This is how easy it is for you to make a pumpkin!

Upcycling old sweaters

old sweater fall recycle ideas

A lot of great DIYs can be made from worn out or broken wool sweaters, for example. Today we will show you how to make a pumpkin out of it. The instructions are so simple that even children can handle them. You need one or more old sweaters, old socks or possibly an old hat. Knitted decorations convey warmth and give rooms individual charm.

Tinker pumpkin – without sewing

Pumpkin tinker old sweater bags without sewing

There are several ways in which you can make a pumpkin from an old sweater: with and without sewing. The term sewing is really flexible. This is not about using a sewing machine or entire masterpieces. The whole thing is sewn with a few straight seams. Children from the age of 8 can try to sew by hand with a needle and thread.

pumpkin handicrafts children without sewing cones cake stand

If you’re looking to make a pumpkin with younger kids, consider the following alternatives:

  • A rubber band is used instead of a needle and thread.

Fold the fabric on the wrong side and close the end with the elastic. Then you can turn the fabric over again and stuff it with the polyfill.

  • You can simply tie the fabric into a bag.

Cut a circle out of the fabric, place the polyfill in the middle and pull the fabric together. Tie off with thread or elastic so that some fabric sticks out.

Make a pumpkin out of an old sweater

pumpkin tinker old sweater kids instructions

You can make several pumpkins of different sizes from the old sweater. They look very pretty when arranged in groups. The sleeve parts, for example, are wonderfully suitable for mini pumpkins. Actually, only the collar is not used.

With sewing – easy project for children aged 8 and up

Making a pumpkin, sewing, filling with cotton wool

Materials and tools: scissors, hot glue gun, needle and thread, polyfill or similar material

This is how it works: Cut a sleeve into several parts. It depends on how big you want your pumpkins to be. Turn one part of the sleeve over on the wrong side, sew one end together with a needle and thread. Then turn right again and stuff with cotton wool. Then close the upper part with the thread.

Make mini pumpkins out of old socks

Deco pumpkin socks tinker without sewing children autumn

You can also make beautiful mini pumpkins out of old socks. For this you need long socks, preferably in bright colors. Cut out the heel counter and use the other two pieces.

Deco pumpkin handicrafts cotton wool children 8 years sewingDeco pumpkin socks sew in the middle

The small ball only gets its typical look when it is divided into small honeycombs. Simply pass the needle through the center of the ball, from bottom to top, and tighten firmly.

If you’re making a larger pumpkin, you can just wrap some yarn around the stem, then around the pumpkin several times. This creates 6-8 grooves around the pumpkin.

decorative pumpkin sewing mini format

Pumpkin tinker children old socks decorative branch stalk

To put the finishing touches to the pumpkin, don’t forget the stem. There are several ideas here: Either fix a part of a branch centered with hot glue or wrap a protruding piece of fabric tightly with jute cord, so that a “stem” is created at the top. Then glue the end of the cord with hot glue.

Beautify pumpkins

pumpkin sweaters embellish brooches velvet felt artificial leaves

As soon as the pumpkins are ready, you can let your imagination run wild and figure out how they can be embellished. Here are a few ideas:

  • Old brooches, buttons or crochet braids add a vintage touch. If you prefer a rustic look, it is best to use natural materials such as raffia and jute ribbon.

old sweater pumpkins decoration crochet glass beads wire

  • You can use different materials to mimic the typical curled stems of pumpkins. Pipe cleaners, decorative wire with pearls, green paper wire are ideal for this. Simply twist the wire around a pencil and wrap the curls around the stalk.
  • Pumpkin leaves shouldn’t be missing either. Use artificial leaves from the craft supplies or make some yourself according to your imagination! It’s very quick: Print out a template for the sheets of paper in different sizes, transfer it to felt and cut it out. Draw the leaf grain with a black fine liner and glue the finished leaves on with hot glue.

white pumpkins sweater scandinavian decoration acorn leaves

A pumpkin doesn’t just have to be solid and orange. You can experiment with different color palettes depending on the look you want to achieve.

Pure white pumpkins, for example, are a special feast for the eyes and go perfectly with a decoration with a Scandinavian touch. The slightly structured surface of the sweater ensures a nice change.

If you use several brightly colored sweaters, however, make sure that they have at least one color in common. This ensures a uniform appearance.

Use as decoration

deco pumpkins old sweater scarves tinker autumn

The pumpkins from old sweaters conquer our hearts because they simply look beautiful. As soon as all the masterpieces are ready, think about how they can be effectively staged. Why not put the pumpkins in a bowl or in a large glass vase and proudly present them on the coffee table? In combination with scented candles, as well as natural materials such as acorns, chestnuts and leaves, a beautiful autumn ensemble is created.

Decorative pumpkin serves as a bookend or door stop

deco pumpkin sweater bookend filling heavy

Not only does the pumpkin look pretty, but it can also serve a functional purpose. For example, as a bookend on the wall shelf or as a door stop in the children’s room. To do this, you simply need to choose a weighting filler material. Sand, small stones, rice or dry beans are ideal for this.

deco pumpkins old sweater branches felt leaves