Make pumpkin decorations for autumn yourself – 18 ideas to imitate

Pumpkin decoration mantelpiece mini pumpkin sign

Autumn is without a doubt the season of the pumpkins. With it you can not only prepare delicious recipes, but also conjure up an atmospheric decoration for the apartment. If you also want to decorate your house and garden beautifully for autumn, you will find a lot of inspiration and tips for a wonderful pumpkin decoration with us. Our ideas are easy to make yourself and are certainly a lot of fun.

Pumpkin decoration ideas for the garden and front door

Pumpkin decoration outside-house-entrance-flower-pumpkins

Pumpkins are large fruits that come in many different shapes and colors and are said to be extremely tasty and healthy. However, in addition to delicious soups and dishes, it can also be used to create pretty decorative ideas for autumn. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Great decorations are created in combination with beautiful autumn flowers and rustic elements that symbolize the harvest in autumn.

Pumpkin decoration front door-saying-wooden box-door wreath

If you are considering an autumn decoration for the garden, you should definitely not neglect the front door decoration, especially if you live in a house. The front door is the calling card of the house and should be decorated accordingly. A pumpkin decoration fits this area perfectly and can be designed in a variety of ways. For example, you can stack pumpkins of different sizes on top of each other, or label a pumpkin with a nice saying. The ideas are simply endless and there are no limits to creativity.


The decorative pumpkins, which can be carved and painted as desired, are best for decorating and doing handicrafts in autumn. If there are a few steps in front of the entrance door, you can decorate them with several pumpkins in different sizes and colors and make a beautiful autumn decoration yourself. Carved pumpkins look particularly beautiful in front of the door. For example, you can carve the house number into a larger pumpkin and thus make the house entrance interesting.


The pumpkin also looks really beautiful and decorative when it is transformed into a beautiful lantern. For this, different patterns and motifs are not only carved, but also cut out and then candles are placed inside the pumpkin. In the end, atmospheric lanterns are created that are perfect for original lighting in the garden.

Decorate the entrance area with pumpkins

pumpkin-decoration-hallway-autumn-decoration-pumpkins-autumn leaves

If you want to give the apartment an autumn mood, you can decorate the different areas with pumpkins and other natural materials such as autumn leaves, dried flowers, berries or twigs. You shouldn’t forget the entrance area and the hallway. You can arrange different pumpkins on a side table and create your own original pumpkin decoration. Use different types and colors of large and mini pumpkins to create a playful decoration.


For a unique autumn decoration with pumpkin, the fruits can also be painted and decorated as desired. White pumpkins are best for this, because they can be designed in any color. You can add a romantic touch to the interior by painting the white pumpkin pink and gold. A little glitter or some sequins and fresh flowers round off the beautiful, autumnal picture perfectly.


If you would like to greet your guests with a nice decoration at the entrance, you can label the pumpkins with a small message. This decoration idea looks particularly beautiful when you decorate the writing with glitter. The easiest way to do this is with a liquid glue and glitter powder in a matching color. The labeled decorative pumpkins can be further decorated with bows or beautiful autumn leaves and arranged anywhere in the hallway.

Pumpkin decoration for the fireplace


Another area in the home that would look really nice with a suitable decoration is the fireplace. Regardless of whether it is used for heating or just as a decorative part of the living room, it can be beautifully decorated for autumn. Pumpkins and other autumn decorations come into their own on the mantelpiece and serve as beautiful color accents in the living room.


Since this area is usually too narrow, it is best to use mini pumpkins as a decoration. They can be arranged in beautiful glass containers or simply stacked and decorated to match. Combine the pumpkin decoration with garlands made of autumn leaves and dried flowers to create a beautiful autumn atmosphere in your home.


And who said that autumn decorations should always look rustic? With pumpkins you can also make a modern decoration for autumn yourself and decorate any area in the apartment. First select the color scheme by including three to a maximum of four colors. Then paint the pumpkins accordingly and combine them with matching flowers and candles. You can find a nice example in the picture above.

Table decoration ideas with pumpkins


For Thanksgiving or another holiday in autumn, you also need a suitable table decoration to make a good impression on your guests. A beautiful table decoration can either consist of a larger center piece or include several individual decorative elements. If you have decided on the variant with a center piece, then mini pumpkins go perfectly with it. These can be arranged in a large basket with moss, succulents and other small indoor plants, for example, and then placed in the middle of the table.


A wooden box with pumpkins would also look very nice as a table decoration. This can be a little longer if you want to decorate the whole table with it. Put some candles between the pumpkins and decorate with berries, dried flowers and other natural materials of your choice.


Here we would like to introduce an original pumpkin decoration idea that is perfect for table and window decorations. For this you need mini decorative pumpkins, which you first hollow out so that a small tealight fits inside. Then you can float the interesting candle holders in a container of water along with some autumn leaves and the creative autumn decoration is ready.

Make pumpkin decorations for Halloween yourself


Many people associate the pumpkins with Halloween and use the orange fruits to decorate All Saints’ Day. For the popular festival, you can hollow out a pumpkin and turn it into a creepy shape. To do this, you need a suitable template, a sharp knife and a little patience and instinct. With the creepy figures you can also make a great pumpkin window decoration for Halloween, which is sure to be popular with children.


If you don’t want to carve the pumpkins, you can simply paint them and decorate them with suitable motifs for Halloween. Motifs such as spiders, ghosts, witches, snakes and scary sayings go well with this.