Make autumn decorations with pressed leaves and brightly colored leaves

Autumn decoration idea pressed leaves picture frame shelf orange

The fall season and nature itself give us a lot of interesting materials for handicrafts. the Autumn decoration with pressed leaves may already be a family tradition, as the children can easily take part too. Check out these fresh ideas and decorate your home with brightly colored fall leaves.

What do all of these craft ideas have in common? The answer is the beautiful autumn leaves and other natural materials that you can collect even after a walk in the park or in the forest. Bring the amazing fall colors into your home with these easy do-it-yourself ideas.

Make autumn decorations with pressed leaves

Autumn decoration with pressed leaves glass panes orange frame

Create a small piece of art that can be displayed on the shelf. Place a pressed sheet of paper between two sheets of glass and secure them together by taping the edge around all four sides with colored linen or something else.

colorful craft ideas for autumn decorations with pressed leaves

Autumn decoration with pressed leaves tinker vase marker drawing

Turn a simple vase into an artistic project. With a paint marker in two shades of brown, you can draw bare trees with your free hand. Cut out small leaf shapes from pressed leaves and glue them on the vase.

Decorate book boxes

autumn decoration study boxes stick on leaves

Spice up a simple box with colorful autumn leaves. Glue pressed leaves to the surface of the box, creating an effect of falling tree leaves.

Wall decoration with colorfully colored tree leaves

Herbstdeko pressed leaves colorfully stuck to the wall

Something as simple as a chaotic arrangement of pressed leaves on a plain wall or furniture could make a fabulous fall decor.

and other natural materials like chestnuts

autumn decoration pressed leaves chestnut natural materials

Combine the autumn leaves with beautiful acorns, cones and chestnuts in a decorative bowl. Nice rustic decoration idea for the table.

Pine cones and hazelnuts

Autumn decoration idea pine cones hazelnut lampshade

Replace the autumn leaves with a simple pine cone under a glass lamp base. The pine cones are beautiful natural elements because of their unique shape and warm dark brown color. Perfect for fall!