Make autumn decorations with children – 4 ideas out of paper


In autumn, all kinds of handicraft ideas for children are very welcome, which is why we have prepared some creative and exciting ones for you. Next weekend you can definitely find what time and have fun with your child Tinker autumn decorations.

Make autumn decorations with children – paper mache autumn leaves

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-fest-colored-red-curved-shape

Make beautiful paper mache autumn leaves together with your child. For this purpose, you would need a bit of cardboard, scissors, water-based glue (e.g. wood glue), toilet or kitchen paper, and not a lot of string. In the following picture instructions, the individual steps are clearly shown as follows. Finally, you color the self-made autumn leaves in beautiful autumn colors, preferably acrylic colors, as they do not need an additional layer of varnish.

Make autumn decorations with children – autumn leaves made of paper

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-beautiful-colored-festival-creative

There follows a great idea for handicrafts with toddlers – funny turkey and putti made from toilet paper roll and decorated with colored paper. Glue funny googly eyes to it and create a happy mood in autumn. In this article you will also find how you can protect your child’s textbooks for the school year from wear and tear and put together a protective cover out of paper. Take a look at the pictures and imitate the creative autumn decorations and have fun doing it!

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Make creative autumn decorations – get useful materials

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-materials-cord-toilet paper-kitchen-paper-adhesive-water-based

Make autumn decorations with children and do paper mache yourself

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-useful-materials-adhesive-water-based

Tinker autumn decorations – Cut out autumn leaves from cardboard

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-stencil - cut-out-cardboard-shape

Tinker autumn decorations – paper mache autumn leaves

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-cardboard-cut-out-cardboard-paper

Form the leaf veins from the autumn leaves

autumn decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-cardboard-adhesive-leaf ribs-diy

Resemble leaf veins from autumn leaves tied with string 

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper-mache-leaf-ribs-cord-sticking on cardboard

Make autumn decorations with children and make autumn leaves from paper mache yourself

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-bowl-toilet-paper-adhesive

Make autumn decorations and use water-based paints

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-paint-acrylic-paint-water-basin-brush

Make autumn decorations and dye them in bright colors


Tinker autumn decorations – beautiful autumn leaves

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-bright-colors-orange-red-painting

Wonderful autumn handicrafts for children

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-autumn-leaves-paper mache-beautiful-colored-firmly-vaulted-shape

* a project by Craftberry Bush

Autumn handicrafts with children – funny turkey and turkey from toilet paper roll




autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-turkey-toilet-paper-roll-colored-paper-wiggle-eyes-stick on

autumn-decoration-tinkering-children-paper-turkey-toilet-paper-roll-feather-colored-paper-cut out



* a DIY project by The DiyMommy 

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