Make autumn decorations in a glass yourself – simple ideas to imitate

Herbstdeko glass vase orange dahlias roses berry branches

For many, autumn is associated with cold, fog and melancholy. But autumn has its very special charm and is as colorful and varied as the autumn leaves themselves. The wonderful autumn season delights the eye and the senses. With a few small changes, the bright play of colors of nature can be reproduced in your own four walls. Great decoration does not have to be expensive. We will show you how you can conjure up a beautiful autumn decoration in the glass. Use these simple ideas to bring autumn into your own four walls!

Autumn decorations in a glass – celebrate the happy time of the harvest

Autumn decoration in a mason jar Autumn leaves in red and orange tones.jpg

Nature itself offers a variety of handicraft materials with which you can realize your ideas. You can use almost everything that this wonderful season brings us: brightly colored autumn leaves, various herbs and tree branches, acorns, chestnuts, nuts, cones, rose hips, berries as well as juicy and fragrant pears and apples. Let your passion for collecting run free!

Autumn decoration in a glass glass vase cones chestnuts acorns rose hips orange slices

Once you have obtained the natural materials, you can arrange your pretty finds in the jar. They look even more special behind the glass. Glass vases, glass bowls, glass bowls, glass bells, mason jars – if you have good ideas, glass is super easy to decorate. Glass conveys lightness and elegance and brings out the colorful decorations really nicely.

Herbstdeko glass bowl chestnuts dried chestnut casings wicker tray white mini pumpkins

The autumn decoration in the glass can be arranged super quickly and looks great. So if you are not a fan of handicrafts, gluing and painting, but want to design something beautiful for autumn yourself, then these ideas are perfect for you.

Tips for your autumn arrangement

Make your own autumn decoration in a tall glass plastic pumpkins raffia

First choose a suitable glass vessel for your autumn arrangement. Different sized vases with a simple design score particularly well here. It is best to avoid opulent and extravagantly designed vases.

What is also important is what you want in the glass. Tall models are perfect for long-stemmed flowers or taper candles, while medium-high glass bowls are particularly suitable for an arrangement with pillar candles. Several glasses look particularly good in a group.

Autumn decoration in the glass rose hips branches cones dried orange slices nuts

You should first fill a tall, narrow glass vessel with the larger objects. These are, for example, pine cones or mini pumpkins. This is followed by smaller fillers such as berries, acorns, rose hips and the like. It is best to align the dried orange slices perpendicular to the glass wall so that they are clearly visible.

The shape of the glass vessel also plays an important role

Autumn decoration in a glass with candle mini apples cones hazelnuts

For glass bowls and bowls with a wide cross-section, you should put the composition together from the inside out. First a center point is created, then the smaller decorations are attached around it. This applies to both candles and bouquets of flowers. Just make sure that the flame of the candle does not come into contact with the filler material.

Autumn decoration in a glass with fairy lights

Make autumn decoration in a glass with fairy lights lantern flower ivy yourself

If you don’t want to use real candles, you can use battery-operated LED tea lights or fairy lights. They convince with a warm glow and ensure safe light. The orange-colored pods of the lantern flower (physalis) look even more beautiful in candlelight. Simply cut stems short, remove leaves, and place in an empty vase. Put a string of LED lights in it and you’re done. In the example above, the bright orange fruit pods were combined with green ivy shoots. The lantern flowers are also wonderfully suitable for decorating dry bouquets, lanterns and wreaths.

Autumn decorations in a glass – create beautiful things with the gifts of nature

Autumn decoration in a glass of Eriken Berries Moss

If you want to create an autumn mood around the house, the Eriken are the first choice. They are also popular as easy-care potted plants on the balcony. In this article, you can check out interesting suggestions for autumn decorations with heather. In order to create this enchanting heather composition, other vegetable elements were used in addition to eriken: fine blackberry fruits, hawthorn branches with berries and soft moss.

Autumn decoration under a bell jar

Herbstdeko glass bell under glass moss bed lantern flower dried orange slices

Instead of putting cones, rose hips and berries in a glass, you can create a neat arrangement under a bell jar. In this way, the treasures collected from nature look even more precious and noble. The clear glass also allows us to see the design from all sides. As shown here, a green moss bed creates the perfect setting for colorful autumn decorations in shades of orange and red.

Arrange autumn decorations in a glass with a candle

Glass vases, arrangement of candles, moss, bring autumn into the living room

Autumn decorations conjure up a cozy atmosphere at home in cool temperatures, especially in combination with candles. Lanterns and candle lanterns give dark autumn evenings more brightness and create a feel-good atmosphere. Their warm light allows us to forget the cold outside. So it’s worth looking at the large selection of original lanterns. In large, transparent models there is enough space for your own compositions with cones, twigs, berries or nuts.

Arrange autumn decoration in a large glass with artificial moss candle and mini cones

Autumn decoration in a glass vase

Herbstdeko glass vase flowers mini cones jute cord

Autumn decoration in a tall glass

Autumn decoration in a tall glass. Legumes seeds as a vase filler

Taper candles and ears of wheat look good in a tall glass vase

Autumn decoration in a tall glass vase. Acorns, rose hips, wheat ears

Arrange glass vessels with autumn decorations individually or in groups

Autumn decoration in a glass autumn leaves cones mini pumpkins berry branches