Magic autumn decorations – 20 decorative highlights for the house

Herbstdeko conjure up mini pumpkins nuts onion pods

Let nature inspire your decorative autumn highlights. Use pumpkins, autumn flowers, leaves, nuts and many other natural materials to make them beautiful Magic autumn decorations and create a warm autumn atmosphere in the house. Even a bowl full of mini pumpkins, onions, nuts, and pears would be the perfect eye catcher on the coffee table. Take a look at the other inspirations and suggestions and get some ideas.

Magic autumn decorations – red autumn leaves in blue vases

autumn decorations conjure up blue vases red maple leaves contrast

Create impressive contrasts like this fire-and-ice autumn decoration with hot red leaves and cool blue vases. The more the vases, the greater the effect of the arrangement.

Magic fall decorations – use a cabbage as a vase

autumn decorations highlight red cabbage flower arrangement tea lights

Replace the traditional glass vase with a dramatic red cabbage. Hollow out the cabbage with a metal spoon or fruit pitter. Then put a wet sponge or a small glass of water inside. Arrange flowers – peonies, roses, dahlias, and more. Then surround the flowers with artichokes and frisée salad. For the candle holder you need a leaf of Chinese cabbage, purple string and floating candles.

Autumn decoration under a bell jar

autumn decoration idea glass bell terracotta bowl pumpkin

Place the treasures of nature under a bell jar. It’s that easy to conjure up autumn decorations. Use a flat terracotta bowl for the base, make a bed of moss and add two mini pumpkins and a maple twig.

Fill candlesticks with corn

fall decorations conjure up glass candle holders corn scented candle

Cattails and nuts in green vases

autumn decorations conjure up vases green glass cattails nuts

old copper vase – optically warm

autumn decorations bouquet highlights table copper pot autumn flowers

Glass candy jars filled with nuts and ribbons

Fill the candy jar with the autumn decoration nuts and velvet ribbon

Magnolia leaves in the bucket

vintage bucket magnolia leaves green brown autumnal house

copper doorknob vase use autumn decor idea

ceramic milk churns berries cattail moss

autumn table decoration ideas ornamental grasses plate pears copper pipe tie

autumn decorations conjure up vases twigs golden leaves

autumn decorations conjure up wood candlesticks orange roses berries

fall decorations conjure up highlights table twig linen sack roses

fall decorations conjure up glass vase candle wine cork

autumn decorations table ginobiloba green yellow tea

fall decorations ideas flowers tie vases together

fall decorations flower tray assemble idea

autumn decor idea nature inspired golden leaves branches vase