Handicrafts with leaves for young and old – 16 autumnal and simple ideas

Autumn handicrafts are versatile, as nature provides many wonderful handicraft materials in autumn. In the following article we are going to give you some suggestions for Crafting with leaves give.

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The reddish-orange leaves offer you the opportunity to decorate your home for autumn and guarantee handicraft fun for adults and fun when the days get longer again. Let yourself be inspired by our autumn crafts ideas and tips.

Handicrafts with leaves – autumnal handicraft material from nature

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Autumn is actually the best time to do handicrafts. On the one hand, we spend the longer and often rainy days at home and need to make ourselves more comfortable at home. On the other hand, it would be a shame not to use the myriad of materials that nature leaves to us. The colorful leaves of the deciduous trees are ideal for wonderful craft ideas that you can do yourself at home without any effort. Regardless of whether you want to make autumn window pictures with your children or create colorful table decorations, it is worth mentioning how you can work with the autumn leaves.

Preserving autumn leaves using various methods


If you want to tinker with autumn leaves for a certain period of time, you don’t need to treat the leaves separately. The leaves will last for a few weeks, provided the foliage is not moist. If you still want to have the leaves for a longer period of time, you can help a little and make the leaves more durable. You can preserve the colorful autumn leaves in different ways and enjoy their beauty for a long time. You can press sheets of paper into a thick book and dry them. The iron can also help.


Place the sheets between two paper towels and iron each side for a few minutes. The excess moisture will evaporate. Alternatively, you can place the leaves between two sheets of waxed paper. Cover the wax paper with two sheets of printer paper and iron it. After a few minutes, the sheet is sealed with wax. When the whole thing has cooled down that far, you can carefully try to peel the wax paper off the leaves of manufacture. A great and simple method of preservation, which also enhances the color of the leaves, is to treat the leaves or whole branches with glycerine.

Do handicrafts with leaves and conjure up great gifts, decorations, pictures and other objects

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Cut the branch at an angle and dip it in a mixture of two parts water and one part glycerin. Leave the branch in the solution for five days. You can make the autumn leaves last a little longer with clear lacquer as a spray can or with hairspray. If you want a certain color for the decoration, you can of course spray the leaves with colored varnish and create beautiful, colorful masterpieces. You can decorate the dried leaves to your heart’s content with acrylic paints of your choice with different patterns and create unique autumn decorations.


Decorate the autumn leaves with small dots, stripes, circles or other decorative figures. For handicrafts with leaves you just need to let your creativity run free. With the colored leaves you can, for example, create an original, autumnal table decoration. Make small bundles out of the leaves and place them on the plates. With a tablecloth in a matching color, you can create a great and natural decoration in no time.


You can also make creative objects and decorations out of leaves for various festivals in autumn. For Halloween, the decoration doesn’t have to be scary and terrifying. A stylish decoration results if you spice up typical Halloween motifs, such as the pumpkins, with leaves. You are welcome to coat the pumpkin with single-colored or multi-colored leaves and provide a great garden decoration. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, you can make a picture with leaves or design an autumn picture frame. You can also design cute cards or invitations with individual autumn leaves.

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You can also do handicrafts with leaves for your household. You can print useful objects with autumn leaves and textile paint. Single-colored tea towels or fabric bags that you want to design individually are created when you dip the leaves in color and carefully stamp on the fabric. You can also paint a branch with color and place it on the cloths. In no time at all you can conjure up this creative fabric print with autumnal natural material. You can also stamp on textiles with potato or apple halves.


Another great idea for crafting with leaves is this magnificent bouquet of roses made from maple leaves. First of all, for the beautiful rose, you need to take a leaf and fold the top inwards towards the center of the leaf and roll the leaf up. Then take a new leaf and place it next to the rolled up autumn leaf. Fold the top in again and fold the left and right sides of the sheet around the others. If you have already received a well-filled rose, you can attach it to a wooden stick.


What do you think of creating such beautiful and original pictures at the next crafting lesson. Tinkering pictures with leaves is a pleasant and fun pastime that can quickly transform simple paintings into works of art. If you like to paint, you can make the figures look livelier in more real life. Those of you who are not painting professionals can, for example, use ready-made templates and let your creativity run free.


If you are already thinking about what the autumn decoration will look like at home this year, you can easily imitate this beautiful, decorative bowl made of autumn leaves. Inflate a balloon and brush the surface with paste. Then start gluing the leaves in autumn colors. Paint the leaves with wallpaper paste and stick on the next layer. Finally, apply the paste again and let the balloon dry for two days. If the paste is already dry, carefully burst the balloon and spray the decorative bowl with clear varnish.

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If there is a lot of leaves in your garden or if you have collected beautiful, colorful leaves on your last autumn walk, you can design a door wreath or a smaller wreath for table or window decorations. Depending on the size, you can either use a straw wreath as a base or a paper plate to which you stick the leaves. You can also use other natural materials such as acorns and chestnuts and design the wreath according to your own ideas.

Handicrafts with leaves for and with children


If you want to do handicrafts with your children, you can perhaps make this great crown of leaves yourself as your next handicraft project. You can make the crown while you are out walking and without any further aids. Gather larger leaves, such as maple leaves, and break off the stems. Now you can sew the individual leaves together with the stems. It is best to tuck the stems vertically through the leaf so that the crown does not come apart.


Another idea for crafting with leaves is this great mask. The mask is ready in no time and can either be worn at a themed party or used as a decoration. Apply glue to the autumn leaves and glue them to a cardboard mask. Let them dry well, put them in a foil and press them with a heavy book. Then cut out holes for the eyes and attach a stick or tape to them.


A great, inexpensive and versatile craft material that every child will love is the salt dough. The salt dough can be made very easily from two parts flour, one part water and one part salt and is absolutely harmless to the health of children. Your children can roll out the firm and easily malleable dough and use autumn leaves to create beautiful patterns on the salt dough. For this you have to put the autumn leaf on the salt dough and roll it with the rolling pin.


Then remove the sheet. The veins of the autumn leaves have left great prints that the kids can expand to their hearts’ content. If the salt dough is colored brown, for example, the little ones can make a tree out of it. The works of art should air dry without exposure to heat from heating or the oven. After a few days you can paint them with lacquer or water-based paints.


On a rainy afternoon or just when you feel like doing handicrafts with Nutur materials, you can make cute animals with leaves. The animal figures that can be designed from the great craft material are almost infinite. Whether you choose a cute owl, turtle, butterfly, fox or mouse, incredibly cute creatures are created on a sheet of paper.


Let the older children draw the desired animal figure on the paper for the first time and then glue the colorful leaves onto the pre-painted figure. Ready-made templates also provide a perfect basis for the animal figures. The more different the sheets are, the more freedom you have to design. Take advantage of the diversity of nature and get leaves in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Green, almost red, or ocher leaves look great on the cardboard.


You can even depict entire scenes or fairy tales with the leaves on paper. Check out this lovely picture with the little chicks in the nest! Be creative and create pictures that are currently interesting for your offspring. You can even use the pleasant and exciting handicraft lessons in a playful way to encourage your child. Children love fairy tales and history. Handicrafts with leaves is a creative way of creating a great picture or storybook.


With the collected leaves, children can make pretty prints of the leaves with different water colors. The results are very different depending on the sheet, which makes such images unique. Have your child paint the side of the sheet where the veins are protruding with the brush. Place the sheet of paper with the color side down on the paper, roll it with an object and the colorful picture is ready.