Handicrafts with kindergarten children in autumn – 4 instructions and handicraft tips

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In autumn it slowly gets cool, rainy days happen more often and although the temperatures are not that low, children simply spend a little more time in the house. Boredom does not encourage creative thinking in children of primary school age or who are just going to kindergarten, but mostly results in nonsense. Why is it always practical to have this or other exciting idea aside to imitate? At the Handicrafts with kindergarten children one should pay attention to the individual abilities and choose the tasks accordingly. We offer 4 instructions with different levels of difficulty, among which you are sure to find something.

Handicrafts with kindergarten children in autumn – owl made of paper

Handicrafts with kindergarten children-autumn-instructions-paper-plate-owl-diy

Paper only comes into question when it comes to handicrafts with children. It brings out several properties, all of which are accessible purchase, ease of use, and ease of disposal. What more could you want ?! It is safe to use disposable cardboard plates, the so-called paper plates, in every household. This means that really imaginative things can be tinkered quickly and the material is primarily suitable for children.

Autumn handicrafts with kindergarten children – paper plate owl instructions

Handicrafts with kindergarten children - autumn-instructions-paper-paper-plate-owl

The owl is one of the favorite motifs for children of all ages. Their big eyes and plumes make them look really cute. The border on the paper plate has this characteristic suspension of the owl and is therefore suitable for creative handicrafts. The body of the owl is made from a plate, for the eyes, beak and feet you also need craft paper, as well as which colored pencils for coloring and glue.

Handicrafts with kindergarten children – paper crafts

Handicrafts with kindergarten children - autumn-instructions-folding-paper-plates-coloring

First prepare the necessary materials for the child. For each owl, cut out two circles for eyes, a triangle for beak and two bird feet. Fold the paper plate as shown in the picture and offer the child to color it. Slightly older children who are more experienced with colored pencils can even try to look like the typical suspension of the owl.

Autumn leaves for handicrafts with kindergarten children


What is more in autumn than falling leaves from the trees. The next handicraft idea can begin as a small research experiment. In fine weather and during a walk in the park or forest, beautifully colored leaves can be found. give the kindergarten child the task of collecting leaves of different shapes and colors. Have a good look at the picture above. The wide variety of leaves provided multiple options for designing different shapes.

Monsters tinker with autumn leaves in kindergarten

handicrafts-kindergarten children-autumn-instructions-autumn-leaves-unbelievably-diy-creative

Also, get some googly eyes that give the products funny faces and glue that is suitable for children to use. Depending on the shape, the leaves can be interpreted differently and turned into a monster or a fish.

Exciting Handicrafts with kindergarten children – googly eyes

tinker-kindergarten-children-autumn-instructions-fall leaves-quail eye-sequins

Other pieces found under nature, such as driftwood, small stones, chestnuts and etc. can be designed as desired. The more lavish the collection, the more imaginative animals and creatures can be tinkered with. Depending on the situation, slightly older children can put together a whole picture from it. You treat the product with great care because the child will notice and appreciate it.

Autumnal Handicrafts with kindergarten children – colorful buttons

handicrafts-kindergarten children-autumn-instructions-button-twig-orange

Buttons should be kept away from small children. Those of kindergarten age already know that such a thing has no place in the mouth. And with it you can create really beautiful and particularly creative things. Of course that claims an ample collection of different size and color buttons. If you don’t have any, it’s long time to start collecting.

Handicrafts with kindergarten children – design a picture yourself from buttons


Extra buttons, or at least one, are on the inside of each garment as a reserve in case one is lost. In the beginning you can just examine the clothes in your closet and you will at least start collecting something. At flea markets you can now and then find whole jars or jars full of old buttons. That would be real darling!

Clothes buttons help with this Handicrafts with kindergarten children


Once there is a large selection of colored buttons of different sizes, you can offer them as an alternative to conventional means of expression such as crayons and paints. You can use it to create beautiful trees, flowers, sky and sun. Afterwards, stems can be added to the flowers or sun rays can be additionally painted. This promotes the child’s creativity and imagination.

Handicrafts with kindergarten children for Halloween – spider web

handicrafts-kindergarten children-autumn-instructions-halloween-decoration-spider-web-ice cream sticks

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and children are also happy to help with the harmonious decoration. Little things that are relatively easy to make are very suitable for children in elementary school or kindergarten age. If the products are later hung or displayed somewhere, every child will definitely be proud of what they have achieved. We have a great idea for cobwebs made from popsicle sticks and yarn.

Spider web bAsteln with kindergarten children – instructions


For the handicraft project, lots of popsicle sticks, glue paint and threads in any color to match the ‘Halloween’ theme – black, white, orange, are required. As a glue, it might make sense to take a hot glue gun and help the child with it. Otherwise, let the conventional all-purpose glue dry, which is simply time consuming. In either case, you must not handle the child alone with the adhesive, as it could be toxic.

A cobweb made of popsicle sticks and yarn bmess with kindergarten children


Bundle the popsicle sticks crossed in the middle to create a snowflake. Fix with the selected glue. Everything else can be created by the child itself, depending on the situation. However, it cannot remain without a challenge. Introduce colorants in white, black and orange and let the child color the popsicle sticks themselves.

Halloween decoration basteln with kindergarten children

handicrafts-kindergarten children-autumn-instructions-halloween-decoration-spider-ice cream sticks

After the paint is completely dry, you can move on to the next step. Show the child how a cobweb is made – pull the yarn around the popsicle stick construction and then tie a knot. Help the child choose the colors and show them just once and they should make it.

* Paper plate owl instructions in pictures by Huppie mom

* Instructions for ‘picture from buttons’ by Little Family

* Instructions in pictures for ‘Spider web made of yarn and popsicle sticks’ by Buggy and Buddy