Handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts in autumn – 15 handicraft ideas for children

As one sings in the famous nursery rhyme, chestnuts and acorns can be used to make lots of things. Whether cute animals, little men or a pretty autumn decoration for your home is completely up to your own creativity.

Handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts kindergarten-animals-tinker-ideas-autumn

And since autumn is one of the best seasons for handicrafts with children, we have collected some wonderful handicraft ideas for the little ones in this post. These can be easily tinkered with acorns and chestnuts and stimulate the imagination of your children.

Tinker with acorns and chestnuts in autumn

Handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts natural materials-autumn-tinkering-ideas

Autumn offers a wide variety of natural materials with which wonderful handicrafts can be conjured up. Not only figures made of chestnuts and acorns, but also beautiful garlands and wreaths for autumn decorations can be made quickly and easily. So that the handicraft projects are also fun for the little ones, we have put together many great ideas for handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts especially for the children in this post. You can collect the necessary materials during a walk in the park.

Make mushrooms with acorns and chestnuts

Handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts autumn-meadow-mushrooms-tinker-ideas-children

Because of the frequent rains in autumn, many mushrooms grow during this time of the year. You can create a pretty meadow with small mushrooms together with the children by using the collected natural materials. Some simple craft ideas with chestnuts and acorns follow.


In addition to acorns and chestnuts, you will need some yellow modeling clay and an old toothbrush for the first handicraft project. With the acorns you can imitate the stalks and with the chestnuts the hats of the mushrooms. You can then easily imitate the sponge under the mushroom hat with yellow modeling clay and the toothbrush. The modeling clay also usually serves as an adhesive that holds the hat firmly on the stem. If the modeling clay you are using is not sticky, you can glue both parts together with a superglue.


If you make these mushrooms with acorns and chestnuts, you can then integrate the finished figures into the autumn decoration. With a little moss or straw, a bowl can be turned into a meadow where the mushrooms grow. The beautiful autumn decoration can be wonderfully rounded off with other decorative elements, such as autumn leaves or animals such as hedgehogs and squirrels.


Mushrooms for the autumn decoration can be tinkered in different ways. For example, you can not use chestnuts, but only the cones of the acorns and a few thin twigs. You can then put these on small wooden discs and make an original window decoration with children.

Cute males and animals do handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts


For handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts you don’t need precise instructions and special materials. Instead, it requires a great deal of creativity and a little tact. Since these natural materials have a great, rounded shape, they are ideal for making small males and various animals.

tinker-acorns-chestnuts-children-tinker-ideas-mouse-natural materials

The surface of the acorns and chestnuts can also be easily painted with acrylic paints and so you can create funny faces, for example. Since some animals also have a specific coloring, it is possible to exactly imitate them with acrylic paints.


For handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts, however, not only the nuts are used. With acorns, the hats are a popular material for handicrafts, with which, for example, eyes and ears can be designed. The chestnuts, on the other hand, have a very special shell with spikes that is perfect for hedgehog tinkering with children. To do this, you should remove the chestnut and let the casing dry for a few days. During this time it turns brown and looks exactly like a hedgehog.


With acorns without cones you can make various animals, such as small squirrels. For each squirrel you will need two acorns, two googly eyes, two short, thin twigs, and a piece of felt. The acorns are first glued to one another horizontally, the smaller of which simulates the head. This can be further designed with the googly eyes and the branches as ears. Finally, make a tail out of the felt and glue it to the lower glans.


Little owls with their big eyes also look very cute and are therefore one of the most popular handicraft ideas for children in autumn. They can be tinkered with from many different materials and can also be integrated into the autumn decorations. Owls therefore still offer a loving idea for handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts. You can use a chestnut for the body and two acorn caps for the eyes. There is also an autumn leaf for the wings, two beans for the claws and some black modeling clay for the pupils and nose.

tinker-acorns-chestnuts-pine cones-rabbits-natural material

With shells of pumpkin seeds, the collected acorns and chestnuts can be quickly and easily transformed into little bunnies and rabbits. To do this, take some elongated chestnuts and acorns and use white acrylic paint to paint a belly. Paint another face with a thin brush and then glue the pumpkin seed shells as ears. The rabbit is ready.


You can make snails together with your child from natural materials such as pine cones, chestnuts and acorns. Glue the chestnuts together in an L-shape to shape the body. Glue a pine cone of the appropriate size on the horizontal part as a snail shell. The cones from two acorns are now used to make the eyes. You attach each of these to a small branch and then to the top chestnut. If you wish, you can put two matching googly eyes in the cones or paint eyes and pupils with black and white paint.

handicrafts-acorns-chestnuts-pipe cleaner-matches-fimo

When doing handicrafts with acorns and chestnuts from various animals and insects, you can still use toothpicks or matches as auxiliary materials. These are very suitable for designing legs and other parts of the body. You can also use modeling clay, pipe cleaner and felt to create various details. With a lot of imagination and creativity, you can really make a whole zoo with chestnuts and acorns.

Make original autumn decorations with acorns and chestnuts


If you want to decorate your apartment in harmony with autumn, then natural materials are best suited. They can be found everywhere in parks, cost nothing, and are colored in the most popular fall colors. With acorns, chestnuts, autumn leaves and other materials of your choice, you can make pretty garlands with which you can decorate the house entrance, the mantelpiece or the windows.

Tinker tea sets for the mini garden from natural materials

Tinker-acorns-chestnuts-fimo-tea dishes-fairy garden

With the most beautiful materials from nature you can also make a fancy and original decoration for autumn yourself. The small acorns and chestnuts, for example, can be transformed into mini tea sets that children, and especially girls, are sure to fall in love with. It also fits perfectly in the mini garden, which you can also decorate especially for autumn.