Halloween garden decoration ideas with skeletons, skulls and bones

halloween garden decoration painting flamingos skeletons

We’re excited to bring you this creepy one Halloween garden decoration ideas with skeletons to introduce. They look amusing during the day, but can scare any guest or neighbor at night.

Halloween garden decoration ideas – skeleton in a rusty bed

halloween garden decor ideas skeleton bed rust desk pumpkin

The Halloween garden decoration ideas can also be funny. This is also the case with this example of a skeleton eating breakfast in bed.

 Halloween garden decoration ideas – Bones in the wheelbarrow

halloween-garden-decoration-skeleton-parts-bones-wheelbarrow-earth soil

Simple Halloween garden decoration ideas are those with bones coming out of a grave. All you have to do is sprinkle some soil on your lawn, imitating a grave. Then spread out some bones and the decoration is done.

 Original candlesticks made from skulls as garden decorations

halloween garden decoration ideas skull candlestick pumpkin chair green

With skulls you can design such original candlesticks as Halloween garden decoration ideas. This also gives you a little romance in the evening. Although … maybe it will be even more creepy that way!

 Funny Halloween garden decoration ideas – skeleton bathes in the fountain

halloween garden decoration ideas skeleton fountain original water

A funny garden decoration is also this idea. Put a skeleton in a fountain and it will appear like it is bathing or getting some refreshment on a warm autumn day. Really original, isn’t it?

 Door decoration for Halloween made of skulls

door wreath halloween black arch skull skeleton parts

Halloween garden decoration ideas – skeletons on the porch

halloween outdoor decor ideas skeletons climb porch

These brave guys don’t worry about broken bones if they fall off the roof. They are easy to attach with an almost invisible fishing line. The plastic skeletons can withstand the autumn weather without any problems.

Halloween garden decoration ideas – funny picnic with skeletons

halloween decor ideas outside skeletons dress up picnic

Everyone loves the fall picnics. Disguised in hats, scarves and ties, these eternal picnickers are attached to the ground with metal rods. Basket, artificial fruit and a thermos flask complete the scene.

Halloween skeletons are waiting for the guests

halloween garden decoration waiting skeletons greet guests

The poor guys – it looks like their dates never arrived! Dressed in silky bow ties and red carnations, these Halloween skeletons are ready to greet the punctual guests.

Halloween skeletons hide in the treetop

halloween decoration ideas hanging skeletons on trees

Skeletons play croquet

halloween garden decor ideas skeletons playing croquet

Create the petrified poses for a game of croquet by tying the skeletons into the ground with fishing line and long stakes.

Halloween hostess

halloween ideas party skeleton housewife candy kids

The lovely hosts like to distribute sweets to the children on Halloween. This skeleton on a tripod makes a terrifying first impression on the front door. Your arms hold a tray full of candy.

Scary graveyard in the garden

halloween garden decoration ideas skeleton tombstones lanterns trees

Create a creepy realistic scene for sure for the guests and passers-by. Use Halloween props to decorate the garden.

Halloween decoration on the doorstep

halloween decoration outside skeleton front door crows cauldron paper lanterns

Skeleton attack

halloween outdoor decor ideas skeletons climbing house

black feather boa and skull

halloween front door decoration ideas skull feather boa black wreath

door wreath straw skeleton crows loop halloween decoration outside

halloween garden decor ideas sheriff skeleton prison inmate