Decoration with natural materials – make beautiful autumn & winter arrangements with apples

Decoration with natural materials vintage table decoration ideas delicious

The decoration with natural materials gives the interior a natural touch and creates a cozy atmosphere. We’ll show you 55 ideas on how to skilfully put apples in the limelight on the autumn or winter table and make attractive arrangements with them. Let yourself be inspired by the DIY projects and decorate your house with these wonderful decorations!

Make decorations with natural materials for Thanksgiving

Deco-natural materials-cinnamon sticks-apple-cypress trees

 Imaginative table decorations can be conjured up with apples – for example, apples, cinnamon sticks and cypress branches can be arranged in the middle of the table. If that’s too simple for you, you can hollow out an apple and use it as a candle holder or fill it with fresh, seasonal flowers. In contrast, puristic arrangements in which herbs, vegetables and fruits are arranged in the same color on a cake stand appear modern. Smaller apples can also be tied to the door wreath or used as place card holders.

Make decorations with natural materials for Christmas

Decoration with natural materials, carving stars, apples, and Christmas decorations

At Christmas the apples can be used as Christmas tree decorations. Apples with carved patterns / for example stars or snowflakes / look particularly attractive. Together with cinnamon sticks, the apple garland spreads a pleasant scent over the fireplace. The fruits can also be arranged effectively on the festive table with nuts.

And if you are planning a winter wedding, you can spice up the bouquet with a red apple. The idea is very topical in the USA right now – it was inspired by the fairy tale Snow White.

Stylish decoration with natural materials – herbs, flowers and apples

Deco-natural materials-herbs-cake stand-vegetables-green-apples

Table decoration in green and white – puristic decoration idea for Thanksgiving

Deco-natural materials-barrel-apple-white-rose-hyacinths

Decoration with natural materials – hollow out apples and use them as flower pots

Deco-natural materials-apple-flower pot-carnations-pink-yellow-gerber

Decoration with natural materials – iron bucket with scented candles, flowers and apples

Deco-natural materials-apple-flowers-iron-bucket-fill

Make decoration with natural materials – decorate the door wreath with apples

Deco-natural materials-autumn decoration-door wreath-branches-autumn leaves-apples

 Pumpkin and apples, seasonal flowers and dishes in fall colors

Deco-natural materials-autumn decoration-pumpkin-apples

Stylish table decoration with apple, rose hip and autumn leaves

Deco-natural materials-autumn decoration-apple-rose hip cups

Make table decorations with green apples yourself

Deco-natural materials-autumn decoration-apple-flowers-wedding table

Autumn decoration in red and orange for the garden tableH

Deco-natural materials-barrel-tip-gerber-decoration ideas

Make autumn decorations with natural materials in a vintage style

Deco-natural materials-table decoration-table decoration-tableware

 Autumn decoration idea – apple becomes a flower vase

Deco-natural materials-apple-gerber-rose hip-place card-autumn decoration

Carve an apple and use it as a place card

Deco-natural-materials-apple-carving-ideas-place card

Decorate apples with artificial snow

Deco-natural materials-apple-artificial snow-winter decoration ideas

Decorative natural materials apple door wreath letter fabric

Deco-natural materials-apple-white-rose-table decoration ideas

Deco-natural materials-apple-table-arranging-ideas-autumn decoration

Deco-natural materials-apple-carving-place-card-ideas-autumn wedding

Deco-natural materials-apple-barrel-floating candles-tinker

Deco-natural materials-apple-boxwood-plant pot

Decorative natural materials pine cone branches

Decoration made of natural materials, dry-flowers-apple-candle holder

Decoration made from natural materials Sunflowers, apples, Thanksgiving, and autumn decorations

Deco-natural materials-rose-tinker-apple-gift idea

Deco-natural materials-nuts-apple-candle holder-carving-ideas

Deco-natural materials-pumpkin-apple-ideas-green-white-harvest festival

Deco-natural materials-candleholder-tinker-lanterns

Deco-natural materials-caramel-apple-children's birthday-sweets

Deco-natural materials-autumn-candle-apple-tinker-autumn leaves

Deco-natural materials-autumn decoration-apple-candle holder-tinker

Deco-natural materials-harvest festival-bird's nest-apple

Deco-natural materials-thanksgiving-flowers-apple-juice

Deco-natural materials-thanksgiving-apple-flower arrangements-lanterns

Deco-natural materials-letters-apple-wedding-ideas

Deco-natural materials-apple-lanterns-juice-carving

Deco-natural materials-apple-plate-arranging-ideas-table runner

Deco-natural materials-apple-place card-ideas-tinker-autumn decoration

Deco-natural materials-apple-place card-table decoration idea

Deco-natural materials-apple-artificial-grass-ideas-apple place card

Deco-natural materials-winter wedding-red-rose-apple

Deco-natural materials-apple-glitter-decorate-ideas-christmas decoration

Deco-natural materials-apple-candle holder-carving-ideas

Deco-natural materials-Christmas tree-apples-DIY-rose hip

Deco-natural materials-chocolate apple-christmas-gift idea

Deco-natural materials-winter decoration-ideas-apple-lantern

Deco-natural materials-Christmas-decorations-red-apples-evergreen-branches

Deco-natural materials-white-flowers-green-apple-wedding-winter decoration

Deco-natural materials-green-apples-white-floating-candle-ideas

decoration with natural materials wreath idea autumn blackboard gold frame

decoration with natural materials apple glitter winter candle arrangement

decoration with natural materials apple berries arrangement bowl rustic

decoration with natural materials square door wreath boxwood arrangement autumn winter

decoration with natural materials candied apple black halloween idea