Decorate the mantelpiece for autumn – 25 creative craft ideas

Tree leaf wall decal natural stone

Create a beautiful autumn decoration and create a cozy atmosphere at home! Now is the right time for all craft enthusiasts – they can Decorate the mantelpiece for autumn.

Decorate the mantelpiece in autumn – craft ideas with natural materials

Decorative white candles pumpkins design

Gather autumn leaves and cones and use them to make a garland for the fireplace! Mini pumpkins and ears of wheat will complement the design – arrange them in the two ends and use them to add accents. Combine several decorative elements that are at different heights – this way you will draw attention to the decoration. Small tree trunks can be turned into vases or candle holders. Color the mini pumpkins gold or silver. Dry flowers and arrangements with fruits in rattan baskets also find a place next to the fireplace. The natural materials are a good choice for anyone who wants Decorate the mantelpiece in autumn want.

Decorate the mantelpiece for autumn – craft ideas for the children

Fruit flowers black taffle

Do you have a small black board in the nursery? Hang these over the fireplace and write loving messages for your family and guests. Let the children show their creativity and paint colorful autumnal pictures on it. Buy a wreath and cover it with autumn leaves so you can use it Decorate the mantelpiece in autumn.

Modern apartment with a rustic decoration

Living room stone wall coat pumpkins

Decorate in autumn – natural materials and beautiful pictures

Mantelpiece candles wheat beautiful decoration idea

Art pumpkins as autumn decorations

Candles pictures stone wall beautiful decoration idea

Garland with autumn leaves made of paper

make beautiful decoration decorate the mantelpiece in autumn

Autumn wreath for the mantelpiece

Ideas fireplace pumpkins design

Painted pumpkins – decoration for the fireplace

Wood pumpkins paint the mantelpiece to decorate autumn

Rustic autumn decoration with rose hip

white color living room fireplace rustic

Sheets of paper – arrangement on the mantelpiece

Tree pumpkin paper craft ideas

Tree trunk instead of a vase

Tree trunk vase mantel autumnal decorate autumn leaves

Golden mini pumpkins – colored with spray

Pumpkins tree leaf design idea

Garland for the fireplace – rustic decoration idea

Decoration idea garland mirror pictures

Golden pumpkins, lanterns, vases with autumn leaves

Pumpkins candles lanterns autumn leaves

Autumn flowers and fruit in front of the fireplace

Pumpkins white color rattan basket

Wheat at the heart of the design

decorate ears of wheat mirror rattan vase

Yellowish-gold decoration with a rustic aftertaste

Living room fireplace autumn decoration

Autumn decoration idea – mini pumpkins

Artificial flowers colored tree leaves pumpkins

Purple paint for the wall

Fall leaves mini pumpkins grapes wall paint

 Rattan basket full of autumn leaves

Decorative pumpkins rattan basket design

Vintage decoration idea with beautiful autumn motifs

Mirror gourds rose hip vintage vase

Hang a wreath of wheat over the fireplace

Pumpkins autumn decoration wreath

Fruits and autumn leaves

Autumn leaves fireplace decoration idea

Autumn decoration for the fireplace

Fall wood pallet fireplace