Decorate for autumn – make your own door wreath with apples

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An idea for all craft enthusiasts – do it Door wreath with apples yourself and welcome your guests with autumn decorations.

Make a door wreath with apples yourself – quick handicraft instructions

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So that you have a Door wreath with fresh apples you need the following materials – wire ring, linen fabric, glue, scissors. Of course, you need apples and other decorative elements such as dried flowers, ears of wheat, cones, rose hips, autumn leaves and others. Glue the wire ring with the linen fabric. You can either glue the apples or attach them to the construction with wire to be on the safe side. The rest is left to your imagination – decorate red apples with autumn leaves and cones and green apples with ears of wheat. For maximum impact, you can cut out the first letter of your family from cardboard and glue it in the center of the wreath. complete!

Door wreath with apples – cool idea with dried fruits

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The next idea is even easier – make one Door wreath with apples, by drying the apples in advance. You need the following materials willow wreath / or optionally styrofoam ring /, apples, rose hips, pussy willow and other suitable decorations for the fall season. Cut the apples into slices and let them dry out. Spread the apple peel on a baking sheet and place it in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 2-3 minutes. With a glue gun / or just glue / start attaching the dry apple peel to the wreath. Decorate with acorns or rose hips. Experiment with designs and make your own suitable decoration for the house entrance. A nice activity for the cold autumn days – the children are also welcome to help.

Door wreath made from dry apples – guaranteed to last a long time

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Do your own door wreath autumn decoration

Decorate according to taste – autumn leaves, wheat, acorn

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