Crafting fox decorations in autumn – ideas for great fox accessories

fox decoration tinker in autumn pillow cover painting idea forest animals

Are you already in the mood for autumn handicrafts? But first of all, forget about everything you usually do. The coming autumn is the ideal moment for variety and fun. In addition to traditional symbols of this splendid season, e.g. pine cones, pumpkins, mushrooms, deer, deer, owls and foxes also find their deserved place on the autumn-decorated tables and shelves. The decoration trend with foxes is extremely popular among hobbyists of all ages. To the Fox decoration crafts in autumn there are many options available to you.

Fox decoration handicrafts in autumn – sewing small figures out of fabric

fox decoration tinker in autumn trailer idea fabric blue green red pink

Urban people have always been very interested in the forest theme – they long to experience more nature in everyday life. Shapes and figures from the forest are a hit among decorative items for the home. When doing handicrafts in autumn, you now have the opportunity to invite the forest animals into your house and introduce them to the toddlers. The animal forest inhabitants are seldom seen anyway. As figures for the shelf, printed on pillows or tablecloths, the foxes are a great addition to your own four walls. Their friendly little whiskers and slightly childlike touch exert a special attraction on young and old.

Fox deco handicrafts in autumn – throw pillows

fox decoration tinker in autumn pillow sew pink armchair

The trend decorations in autumn can be graphically simplified and stylized or look like an illustration from a children’s book. If you do handicrafts together with your children, you could look at the fox like geometric shapes. Adults also tend to use animals as decoration in a childlike, illustrative representation. In combination with unusual patterns and extraordinary surface designs, an extravagant decorative ensemble is created.

fox decoration tinkering in autumn canvas cut paper motifs owl washer

Fox made of paper on a canvas

fox decoration tinker in autumn basket knit crochet wool

Weave a basket with a fox motif


Paint fox motifs


Tinker fox decorations in autumn – pretty pictures


Decorate with the forest dwellers


Decorate in the forest theme


Fox accessories and decorative items


Fuchs cup warmer


Fox bookmarks


Forest animals: decoration trends in autumn

Children's room-autumn-decoration-wall-fox-motif-stylized

Make fascinating fox decorations in autumn


Knitted hat for the little ones


Fabric table lamp


Decoration with foxes made of felt

Wall clock-tinker-from-wood-foxes-autumn-wall-decoration

stylized-foxes-decoration-ideas-autumn-tinker-throw pillows




children's jacket-autumn-appliqué-fox-embroidered