Craft idea for autumn 2015 – edible table decoration

Craft idea for autumn grape-flowers-edible-table decoration

Edible as a table decoration? The idea is becoming more and more popular in the USA – and now counts for the handicraft idea for autumn 2015. The whole arrangement does not have to be edible – usually seasonal flowers are skillfully combined with fruits and vegetables and pumpkins serve as vases. This is how autumn can be celebrated!

Craft idea for autumn 2015 – edible arrangements in vintage style

Craft idea-autumn-pear-cabbage-pumpkin

Combine seasonal fruits and vegetables / cabbage, pear, pumpkin, pomegranate / with fresh cut flowers / roses, carnations / on the autumn table. For the best effect, you can arrange the flower arrangements in a wooden box. The decoration goes perfectly with vintage and country style interiors. Thanksgiving can be celebrated in a charming and inviting way.

Craft idea for autumn 2015 – minimalist-purist table decoration

Craft idea-autumn-vegetables-carrots-mushrooms-tomatoes

Purist and minimalist furnishings will benefit from the following table decorations – arrange carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms on the table. On the one hand, the decoration spices up the simple table, on the other hand, the guests can choose the ingredients of their salad themselves. Perfect for family celebrations when you are expecting a lot of guests and don’t have enough time to prepare.

Craft idea for autumn – pomegranate on the garden table

Handicraft idea-autumn-pomegranate-table-arranging-decorating

For a family dinner, you don’t have to decorate the table every time – instead, you can put pomegranates in a bowl in the center of the table. These shine in the gold-orange autumnal color scheme and create a happy mood. They also last a very long time.

Spice up beautiful flower arrangements with berries

Craft idea-autumn-pomegranate-flowers-rose hip-grape

Decorate the flower arrangement with seasonal fruit – for example berries. The delicious fruits stimulate the appetite and add a fresh note to the table decoration.

Craft idea for autumn – berries and herbs scatter fragrance in the dining room

Handicraft idea-autumn-edible-table decoration-grapes-vegetables-combine

Craft idea for autumn – ornamental cabbage can also be combined with many flowersn

Handicraft idea-autumn-cabbage-tulips-table-vintage

Craft idea for autumn – ornamental cabbage, mushrooms and herbs spice up the puristic dining table

Craft idea-autumn-cabbage-herb-mushrooms

Craft idea for autumn – violets on the serving tray – the flowers are edible


Craft idea for autumn – pomegranate and rose hip on the mantelpiece

Craft idea-autumn-pomegranate-rose hip-ideas-rustic-table

Grapes and orchids form an extraordinary, but very attractive duo

Craft idea-autumn-orchids-grape-edible-table decoration

Arrange the herbs, limes, green apples and white flowers on the cake stand

Craft idea-autumn-herbs-lime-white-cloves

Nuts, moss and feather for the modern table decoration

Craft idea-autumn-nuts-flower arrangements-feathers-ideas

Sunflowers in a vase blend harmoniously into the country-style furnishings

Handicraft idea-autumn-sunflower-seed-vase-arranging

Carve fruit and arrange it lovingly at the table

Handicraft idea-autumn-fruit-table-carving-ideas

Pumpkins and pears on the autumn table

Craft idea autumn pumpkin-berry-roses-edible-table decoration

Citrus fruits and cut flowers in autumn colors

Craft idea-autumn-citrus-white-roses

Carve vegetables and place them on the table as an accent

Handicraft idea-autumn-vegetables-carving-flowers

Berries, pears and cut flowers on the table

Craft idea-autumn-hyacinth-pear-berries

Pumpkins turn into vintage vases

Craft idea-autumn-edible-table decoration-pumpkin-vase

Or to plant pots for succulents

Handicraft idea-autumn-edible-table decoration-pumpkin-succulent-planting

Put the blueberries between the flowers

Handicraft idea-autumn-blueberries-seasonal-flowers

Allium / leek can also be arranged in flower arrangementsn

Handicraft idea autumn flower arrangements-allium-onion-flower

Blueberries among the flowers

Handicraft idea-autumn-berries-flowers-arranging-vintage-table decoration

Admittedly – cotton is not edible, but actually the plant looks very nice in an aluminum vase

Handicraft idea-autumn-cotton-vintage-table decoration