Autumn wreath ideas – 22 DIY ideas with treasures from nature

autumn wreath ideas purple color pastel lavender deco ribbon lilac

Festively decorate your front door with these wonderful ones Autumn wreath ideas. Every guest would admire these colorful designs made from natural materials. The effect is amazing.

Autumn wreath ideas in square shape

autumn wreath ideas square shape picture frame pears mushrooms moss

Break the tracks of the ordinary round autumn wreath ideas by making a square one yourself. In this example, moss, tree mushrooms and pears are used as decorations, which make the wreath not only look autumnal, but also fresh.

Autumn wreath ideas with pumpkins

autumn wreath ideas autumn colors pumpkin leaves decoration

Pumpkins are a must for the perfect autumn decoration. For this reason, it is not missing from our list from Herbstkranz ideas. Combine small decorative pumpkins with colorful leaves and you get the perfect autumn mood.

Acorns for an autumn door wreath

autumn wreath ideas acorns make natural materials

Since your children are bound to bring you a large number of acorns home in the near future, you can use them for handicrafts right away. While the children are making their figurines, why not try out such a wreath.

Branches in autumn colors

autumn wreath ideas branches buds bow orange diy

With branches, wonderful autumn wreath ideas can be implemented. Make sure that they are as autumnal as possible. Whether with buttons or berries, the effect is magical and really autumnal! Add another bow as an accent.

Autumn wreath ideas – square door wreath

door wreath ideas natural materials square shape

This autumn wreath was decorated with a mixture of dried natural materials such as potpurri, berries, wheat, twigs and dried leaves. By the way, potpourri is a great variant that you can use to implement your autumn wreath ideas.

Autumn wreath ideas – Homemade wreath from colorful autumn leaves

Autumn wreath ideas colorful fall leaves wire door

Use the bright colors of autumn to festively decorate your front door. Gather leaves from the park or your garden and prick through the center of the leaves with a wire. Hang the wreath with a brightly colored plaid ribbon for another touch of autumn.

Driftwood wreath

door wreath autumn leaves driftwood sticks around

Take a walk outside and let nature inspire you. For this modern wreath, pieces of driftwood were glued onto a wreath blank. Colorful autumn leaves and moss were then tucked between the pieces of wood.

Wild twins with a Halloween touch

Autumn halloween wreath idea thin branches mini pumpkins

A collection of small pumpkins makes a colorful impression amidst a rustic explosion of branches. Scour your garden for a collection of small, thin branches. Glue the branches onto a metal wreath blank and place the pumpkins in the center of the wreath.

Wreath of wheat, leaves and berries

door wreath horseshoe shape wheat stalk green leaves

   Use old silver tray

Autumn wreath ideas silver tray paper flowers ribbon

Autumn leaves and berry branches

Make your own door wreath berries autumn leaves

Tie wooden sticks in a circle  rustic wreath door sticks rustic little birds

nice symmetrical arrangement

Autumn wreath homemade corn on the cob mini pumpkins

red berry branches and green bow

Autumn wreath ideas grapevines oriental bittersweet berries

Cover letter M with leaves

door decoration letter red autumn leaves

Autumn wreath ideas dry leaves orange cones

Autumn door wreath ideas yellow red painted grapevine branches

Autumn wreath ideas pheasant feathers cones fir branches

autumn wreath front door tinker indian corn on the cob leaves dry

Autumn wreath ideas lampion flowers grapevines colorful orange

Door wreath autumn leaves green apples red maple leaves