Autumn table decorations in a natural look: 20 puristic tables

Autumn table decoration in a natural look Ornamental pumpkins, pomegranate white candles

Pear, apples, pumpkins, straw, autumn leaves, bay leaves and of course fresh flowers provide an elegant, puristic autumn table decoration in a natural look – we present you 20 festive tables made of natural materials, with which you are guaranteed to cause a sensation among your guests. They not only score with a simple but very stylish look, they can also be arranged very quickly. Let the suggestions inspire you!

Autumn table decorations in a natural look: less is more

Autumn table decoration nature autumn leaves pine cones

No table overcrowded with nuts, fruits, pumpkins, etc. – less is definitely more when it comes to decorating. On the one hand, because the decoration comes into its own in this way, on the other hand, because there is enough space on the table for plates, bowls and the like. remain. So if you are planning a celebration in the fall, or have invited friends over to dinner for Thanksgiving, these tips can help you with decorating:

Leave enough free space on the table – at least two glasses should be in front of each guest, approx. 40% of the table surface should be free. If the table is too small, you can opt for tall flower arrangements. The vase saves space and sets accents on the round table. Pictured above – autumn leaves in tall vase. In addition, pine cones on the plates welcome the guests. Further decoration with natural materials was deliberately avoided, instead several tea lights create a cozy atmosphere at the table.

Autumn table decorations in a natural look: choose the color scheme

Autumn table decoration in a natural look, decorate pumpkins blue and white

Choose a suitable autumn color scheme – combine two or a maximum of three colors with a glitter nuance in gold, bronze or silver. For example, the table shown above is modern with decorative pumpkins in sky blue, magenta, sand, orange and gold. Plates and cutlery are of course color-coordinated with the pumpkins. For the craft project, all you need is decorative pumpkins of different sizes and the selected shades of blue. Choose matte colors, paint the pumpkins with them, and let them dry off. Arrange bay leaves or small fir branches in the plates and welcome your guests with style and sophistication!

Autumn table decorations in a natural look: pumpkins are real all-rounders

Autumn table decoration in a natural look Pumpkins Butternut Hokkaido Blue Kuri

Pumpkins are all-rounders, even on the puristic table. When a family celebration is about to begin, food, gifts, etc. are thought of above all else. In the end, there is hardly any time to think about an effective autumn table decoration in a natural look. A quick, conjured table decoration is shown in the photo above: combine two large pumpkins of the Blue Kuri variety (they have blue skins and are heavily ribbed) with several Hokaido pumpkins that add a splash of color to the puristic arrangement. Keep decorating with the medium-sized pear-shaped butternut pumpkins, which will quickly become an eye-catcher on any table. Complete the ensemble with fir branches and rose hips. Hollow out Jack be Little pumpkins and use them as candle holders. A simple table runner made of linen fabric in a neutral color forms the perfect background for the charming table.

Autumn table decoration in a natural look: green bay leaves as an eye-catcher

Autumn table decoration in a natural look natural materials, seasonal green leaves

Green leaves for a natural look: Although the yellow-orange-brown autumn leaves are traditionally present on the autumn table, the puristic table can also be decorated with evergreen branches and flower arrangements. The bay leaves are perfect for this purpose. For an optimal effect, they can be combined with candles in honey yellow. With regard to the candles, the professionals advise against arranging scented candles on the dining table. You should also avoid strongly scented flowers or herbs.

Autumn table decorations with a natural look: When the food becomes part of the decoration

Autumn table decorations in a natural look. Pumpkins, cacti, apples

Chic, elegant and delicious at the same time – if the food is presented as part of the table decoration, the decoration makes a particularly strong impression. Arrange nuts, cheese, ham and fruits between pumpkins and corn on the cob. Experiment with other plants – for example cacti, succulents and palm leaves bring exotic touches from distant lands.

Autumn table decorations in a natural look: wheat stalks and pumpkins just go together

Autumn table decoration nature straw pumpkins wood candle holder

For Thanksgiving, the decoration can be thematically coordinated with the celebration – wheat stalks and Hokaido pumpkins are usually sufficient to create a homely ambience and cozy atmosphere. The wooden candle holders fit harmoniously into the festive table. Simple tablecloths and napkins, lovingly labeled place cards and silver cutlery complete the overall picture.

Autumn table – when the cutlery plays the main role

Autumn table decoration nature bay leaves gold cutlery white candles

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the puristic table decoration is that it shows off the cutlery and the plates better. So it’s no wonder that in the arrangement shown above, the gold-plated cutlery plays the main role and lets the white candles, bay leaves and porcelain dishes take a back seat.

Table decorations in a natural look: combine fruits and flowers effectively

Autumn table decoration nature pear white pumpkins

Do fruits and flowers really go together? Yes, if they are color-coordinated. Pink hydrangeas, wild flowers, cotton and white baby boo pumpkins create a happy atmosphere.

Autumn table decoration nature hydrangeas white mini pumpkins pear

Our tip: Arrange the flowers in a vase and the fruits directly on the table – this way you can replace individual fruits / blossoms with fresh ones over time and look forward to the ensemble for a long time. Also take a look at other suggestions for effective table decorations:

Table decorations in a natural look: pomegranates, grapes, autumn leaves and white tea lights

Autumn table decoration nature autumn leaves pomegranate

Fruits on the table are not only part of the decoration, but can also be served as a dessert

Autumn table decoration nature pomegranate autumn leaves

Ornamental pumpkins look good on the wooden table even without a table runner

Autumn table decoration nature black pumpkins paint Thanksgiving day blackboard

White pumpkins are not only real eye-catchers, but can also be painted on request

Autumn table decoration nature white decorative pumpkins shrub branches

Pure luxury with gold accents on the table

Autumn table decoration natural succulents white roses golden pumpkins

Autumn table decoration in a natural look with wheat stalks, cotton and painted pumpkins

Autumn table decoration natural straw cotton brass bowl

Flower arrangements save space and are therefore perfect as decorations for small tables

Autumn table decoration nature fresh, puristic leaves

Succulents and pumpkins form an attractive ensemble in a desert look

Autumn table decoration nature pumpkins cabbage

Autumn table decorations in glass lanterns 

Autumn table decoration nature decoration glass pumpkin vase

Apples are real classics and an indispensable part of the autumn table

Autumn table decoration nature apple white candles laurel