Autumn handicrafts with children – ideas with construction paper

Autumn handicrafts with children - animal figures made of construction paper

We’ll show you 25 creative ideas for autumn handicrafts with children – you can make paper flowers, animals, autumn leaves and much more from construction paper. The so-called Dank Tree is currently gaining popularity in the USA – it is tinkered with tree branches and paper and then lovingly labeled. Colorful pumpkin lanterns made of paper will create a cozy ambience in the children’s room.

Autumn handicrafts with children – funny animals made of construction paper


You can cut out various animal figures from construction paper. Simply cut out a template from paper first, then embellish it with glitter spray and paint. The children can of course help out – they can cut out the animal figures and make a garland out of them, make place cards or simply use them as wall decorations in the children’s room. Of course, you can also use the silhouettes as packaging – for example as a souvenir for a children’s birthday party. You can also stick the decoration on the windows for Halloween.

Autumn handicrafts with children – table decorations for Thanksgiving

Autumnal tinker children animals place card construction paper

At Thanksgiving, the children’s table can be decorated in a colorful and striking way – with self-made place cards, lovingly labeled, of course. The children can also make a greeting card for their grandparents for a festive occasion. Turkey motifs are particularly popular behind the ocean. But also scarecrow, pumpkins, autumn leaves, apples and co. are painted and cut out with great pleasure in the USA. It goes without saying that the children have the final say in the choice of motifs.

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Autumn handicrafts with children – cut out the turkey from construction paper and use it as a place card


Cut out turkey from paper – two variations


Crafting with construction paper – scarecrow in bright yellow


Turkey silhouette made from construction paper – fun idea


Autumn handicrafts with toddlers – fun and easy handicraft idea


Googly-eyed turkey – delicious and healthy delicacies at the children’s table


Cut a pumpkin out of construction paper – quick craft idea


Indians make feather headdresses from construction paper

Autumn-tinker-children-construction paper-Indian headdress-autumn leaves

Autumn handicrafts from construction paper – two original decoration ideas for Thanksgiving


Cut out bats from construction paper – Halloween decoration idea


Cut out turkey from paper – instructions in three steps




Child’s play with pumpkins – similar to the advent calendar, sweets are hidden behind the pumpkins


Autumnal-tinkering-paper-pumpkin table decoration




Autumn-handicrafts-construction paper-tree-table decoration-ideas



Autumn-tinker-tinker-paper-table decorations-paint-tinker