Autumn decorations at the table – 30 ideas for craft enthusiasts

autumn decoration at the table heart piece pumpkin pastel tones flower box table candles

If you too like to do handicrafts in the fall season and every year for inspiring ideas for Autumn decoration on the table search – then we will be happy to help you. In the article we present several wonderful examples of successful table decorations with the treasures of nature – pumpkins, fresh fruits, autumn flowers, even vegetables and wheat stalks decorate the table. Pair of lanterns create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere and spread cosiness in the room – exactly what your family and guests need in the cold autumn time.

Autumn decorations at the table – which natural materials can be combined with each other?

autumn decoration on the table candles rustic leaves berries bowl

If you want to make a beautiful autumn decoration on the table, then you should first choose the right natural materials. Avoid the large pumpkins unless these are hollowed out and used as a vase. Otherwise, the so-called ornamental pumpkins are a practical alternative. Immediately after purchasing the decorative pumpkins, they should be rinsed off with water and then left in a dry room for at least a week. Turn the pumpkins over at least twice a week. This guarantees their long shelf life.

Autumn decoration on the table – crockery in yellow and a garland of berries

autumn decoration on the table yellow transparent crockery lanterns garland berries

Other natural materials such as nuts, dry fruits and acorns also last a long time and can then be arranged in jam jars or in crystal vases. If you have autumn flowers in flower pots, you can hide the pot with a beautiful arrangement of autumn leaves. Flower arrangements also look beautiful, but they don’t last long – and that’s why it’s better to do without them, instead individual flowers can decorate the table here and there.

Artificial pumpkins made from branches for table decoration

autumn decoration on the table artificial pumpkins, branches, berries, leaves

As the heart of the Autumn decoration on the table you can make wonderful arrangements in a tree trunk vase or wooden box. Pine cones, tree branches, autumn leaves, nuts and small decorative pumpkins bring nature a little closer and create a cheerful autumn palette.

Decorate the dessert stand with pumpkins

autumn decoration at the table dessert stand pumpkin leaves books rustic

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