Autumn decoration with lanterns & lanterns – 35 atmospheric ideas

autumn decoration with lanterns vintage look candles leaves jewelry

Lanterns, lanterns and candles are popular decorative elements not only for Christmas, but also on cozy summer and autumn evenings. They are suitable for use in the garden, on the terrace and on the balcony and are attractive eye-catchers indoors. It is well known that candlelight promotes intimacy and increases the feel-good factor. One Autumn decoration with lanterns makes the garden look much more lively and gives it a romantic country house flair.

Autumn decoration with lanterns in orange color

autumn decoration with lanterns painted orange design metal berries

Decorate your home with lanterns and lanterns! In autumn they look particularly beautiful as garden decorations. Add small pumpkins, pine cones, chestnuts and autumn leaves and then put the candle in them. You can find lanterns in different sizes and materials. They provide a pleasant atmosphere and are also very functional as unobtrusive lighting.

Autumn decoration with lanterns – romantic, delicate colors

autumn decoration with lanterns yellow roses petals silver white flowers

Garden lanterns are closed vessels that are very fire-proof thanks to the glass pane. The glass that surrounds the candle protects it from wind and weather. In addition, the lid can be removed at the top. In the Autumn decoration with lanterns candles reveal themselves in beautiful shapes and colors – playful, romantic, classic.

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Rust-look lantern with branches and berries

autumn decoration with lanterns rust look branches berries candle table decoration

Vases of roses in a lantern

autumn decoration with lanterns roses orange rustic vintage metal

Lantern decoration with garland of autumn leaves

Garden decoration ideas with lantern autumn leaves lantern design

Autumn decoration with lanterns for inside and outside

Wind lights lantern set glass insert-metal autumn leaves bouquet garden decoration

Autumn decoration with lanterns for the entrance area

Outdoor deco lantern shabby chic black front door-brick wall

Autumn decor with leaves and pumpkins

Garden stick lantern black accessory with glass insert - autumn in the garden

Luminous decoration for the patio

Patio garden accessories lantern antique look metal throw pillow

Put lanterns on the balcony

Metal Lantern Candlelight Outdoor Garden Decoration Fall-Winter

Jewelry for a garden party or garden party

Rustic wind light country house veranda dining table-festive decorating autumn leaves

After dark it is still comfortable to be outside and enjoy being together.

End the day on the veranda

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Iron lanterns are a winter decoration that is a great eye-catcher all year long and enriches the outdoor area in a unique way.

The great outdoor lamp quickly becomes the attractive centerpiece of the seating area

Metal Garden Lantern Lanterns Pumpkins Decorate Table Roses Candles

Decorate and illuminate stairs with outdoor lights

Black lantern set of 3 pumpkins candle decoration for stairs

Combine lanterns with seasonal fruits and colors

Lantern doors-glass metal autumn leaves-candles light

Wooden models for the country house garden

Garden accessory lantern wood-vintage metal antique look decoration

Romantic cast iron lanterns impress with their elegant aesthetics

shabby chic metal black frame lantern design garden decoration autumn decorating

Lantern garden

Garden lantern with candle lighting-autumn evenings-decoration pillar candles

Garden lanterns beautify the garden

Lantern wind light decoration-metal lid-glass black-flowers bows pillar candle

Create a romantic atmosphere on warm autumn evenings

Lantern table decoration metal pumpkins-autumn jewelry-make yourself dinner by candlelight

Lanterns are wonderful light sources and mood makers

Lantern with metal lid - flowers set of white pillar candles

Metallic jewelery with a sense of wellbeing

Lantern metallic lantern glass insert wood kitchen with spigot

Create an incomparable room ambience with lanterns

Garden lanterns of various sizes, decorative metal models

Wind lights with glass walls to protect against wind

Lantern with flame lighting Pumpkin decoration do it yourself balcony

Complete the decorative metal lantern with autumn leaves

Lantern Set Candle Lanterns Autumn Decoration Candles Country style candles

Cozy lighting in the autumn nights

Autumn decoration shining glass insert lighting modern design rooms

Metal lantern arranged with autumn fruits

Autumn decoration-with pumpkins candles-lanterns metal frame

Modern lantern with leather handle enriches the wooden terrace

Glass lantern-metal wooden bench outdoor floor accessory

Decorate a set of 3 lanterns for Halloween

Lantern set metal lid idea autumn-Halloween jewelry do-it-yourself

Metal lantern in the country house garden

Country house lantern metal garden design antique look decorative

Lantern with metal lid and metal handle 

Ornamental pumpkins Decorative lantern-with metal lid-gray autumn decoration ideas

Lantern decoration for the balcony table

Do-it-yourself lanterns - ideas for autumn decorating

Metal lantern set

Veranda decoration set of 2 lantern-metal lantern-autumn corn on the cob pumpkins

Loving autumn decoration with candles, lanterns and pumpkins

Autumn decoration tinker pumpkins lantern branches design