Autumn decoration under a glass hood – stylish arrangements inspired by nature

Arrange autumn decorations under a glass hood

The coming autumn season fascinates with a noble color scheme in red-orange-brown with golden accents. You can make yourself comfortable at home with the irresistible ensemble. Arrangements under a bell jar look particularly elegant – they can be effectively staged on the festive table for Thanksgiving as well as on the chest of drawers in the hallway. Bring nature into your own four walls and conjure up a wonderful autumn decoration under a glass hood – we will show you some ideas for creative and effective combinations between different natural treasures that create a cozy and inviting ambience in no time.

Autumn decoration under a glass hood – combine pumpkins and pine cones

Autumn decoration under glass dome pumpkins white pine cones clay plant pot

The combination between pumpkins, pine cones and autumn leaves is considered an absolute classic for the autumn season. So that the ensemble does not look boring, you can arrange the individual treasures of nature in different containers – scatter the autumn leaves on the wooden table, arrange the decorative pumpkins in a flower pot made of clay. Choose pumpkins from different varieties, so you can provide variety and give the arrangement character. Nutmeg pumpkins (played above on the right), patisson pumpkins (in the bell jar below) and garden pumpkins (they are on the left and have an attractive green grain) are particularly effective. The tastefully arranged autumn leaves in the glass vase blend harmoniously into the overall picture. The cream-bleached pine cones are clearly the absolute eye-catchers and have earned their place under the glass hood with their attractive appearance. By the way, they also cut a fine figure as soloists at the purist table.

Autumn decoration under the glass hood – a festive arrangement inspired by nature

Autumn decoration under a glass dome bird's nest moss stones rose hip autumn leaves

You love nature – take a trip with friends and collect moss, autumn leaves, tree branches and stones. Use it to create an autumn decoration under a glass hood – you can add nuts, rose hips and even bird figures if you wish.

Autumn decoration under glass dome pine cones, bird figures, mushrooms

Our tip – so that your decoration lasts a long time, first let the moss and leaves dry for a few days in a well-ventilated, warm room. Optionally, you can get decorative moss from a florist shop. Open the bell at least once a day to prevent mold from forming underneath.

Edible autumn decorations under a bell jar

Autumn decoration under glass dome edible fruit arrange autumn leaves

Seasonal fruits not only taste very good, they also look extremely decorative – pears and grapes also look good in pairs. The arrangement is completed by casually scattered dry autumn leaves. This edible decoration is simply a real eye-catcher that never takes your eyes off. And of course it will also whet the appetite of your guests. Serve the fruit as a starter with different types of cheese, or as a dessert – in matching yellow or gold-plated plates, of course.

Autumn decoration under glass bells: with animal figures as an accent

Autumn decoration under glass hood lamb figures moss

Sheep, birds, butterflies and other animals and insects are not only welcome as decorations on the spring table – they also symbolize fertility together with rose hips in the autumn season. The dried hyacinths in the background add a vintage touch to the arrangement. So that the animal figurines made of porcelain look authentic as found objects from the flea market, you can carefully sand off the color at the edges with sandpaper or artificially age them with paint spray. Especially in line with the shabby chic trend!

Autumn decoration under a bell jar: dried flowers

Autumn decoration under glass dome flowers drying ideas

Dried flowers and plants also bring a vintage feel to the table. Usually the flowers and grasses are pressed between books and dried in this way. So that the arrangement does not lose volume, you can tie the flowers and grasses together with string and hang them upside down in a dark, well-ventilated and warm room.

Autumn decoration under a glass hood, dried field flowers butterfly figurine

The room should be dark, otherwise, if exposed to strong sunlight, they can be blown. The flowers then need at least a week to dry out completely. Test every two days to be sure. Then you can arrange them in a floral foam and then cover this with dry flowers or autumn leaves. The perfect ensemble is completed by pine cones.

Edible autumn decorations and wine bottles under a glass bell

Autumn decoration under a glass hood figs berries seasonal fruits

The edible autumn decoration under a glass hood is clearly in trend and proves to be a particularly practical table decoration for Thanksgiving. Especially when there is not enough space at the table. Figs and berries served in a bell jar on vintage silver plates are a sweet temptation in themselves.

Decoration under a glass dome autumn wine berries pomegranate edible

But they can also be combined with wine bottles – so the guests can consume the fruit as dessert and enjoy the wine with it. The table with crystal vases, plates with silver edges and silver cutlery makes the arrangement look noble. The table runner made of soft linen fabric adds the finishing touches. The subtle color scheme – silver and nude is pepped up by the colors of the fruit.

Modern autumn decoration under a glass hood

Autumn decoration under a glass hood. Modern golden accents

If you are a fan of modern simple decorations, then you will surely like the next idea – choose different vases, candlelights, statues in autumn colors and arrange them on the side table in the dining room. Glass, stone and wood create exciting contrasts. You can also spray gift boxes with brown and gold paint spray and set them as accents. Of course, a wall with wallpaper with natural patterns forms the perfect background for the charming ensemble. Our tip – arrange a maximum of 6-7 home accessories on the table so that it doesn’t look crowded. Choose decorative pieces in plain colors that go together.

Fresh flowers in autumn colors as a festive decoration under a glass hood

Autumn decoration under a glass hood. Autumn flowers peonies

Pumpkin, rose hips and chestnuts under a glass bell on the coffee table

Autumn decoration under glass hood pumpkin rose hip autumn leaves

Arrange the pumpkins and moss under a bell jar

Autumn decoration under a glass hood, pumpkins, moss ball

White mini pumpkins, pine cones and moss

Autumn decoration under glass dome pumpkins pine cones moss

Moss, ferns and pumpkins

Autumn decoration under glass dome moss green ground cover white mini pumpkins

Charming table decorations with string, wine corks and pumpkins for purists 

Autumn decoration under a glass hood white pumpkins puristic wine cork twine

Plant the ball of moss under a bell jar

autumnal decorate bell jar tree trunk cut vase