Autumn decoration made from natural materials – 55 craft ideas with autumn leaves

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-door wreath-do-it-yourself-ideas

Beautify your house with creative autumn decorations made from natural materials – we will show you 50 craft ideas with autumn leaves that will give your house and garden a homely charm. Stylish arrangements complete the festive table for Thanksgiving, large garland that frames the windows and front doors, imaginative decorations for the mantelpiece and much more can be found in the article!

Autumn decorations made from natural materials – make creative arrangements with autumn leaves for the house entrance

Autumn decoration from natural materials autumn leaves-pumpkin-make-yourself-yourself

Organize a trip for the whole family and collect autumn leaves together – that will certainly advise everyone to enjoy it. When at home, sprinkle the autumn leaves on newspaper and let them dry for a week. Then you can start decorating – arrange autumn leaves, pussy willow, wheat, pine cones and nuts in a vase and display them on the garden table. Decorate the windows with a small wreath of autumn leaves or make a beautiful long garland for the front door. Another stylish idea for the house entrance – fill the lantern with autumn leaves and decorative pumpkins. Just be careful – you must not light any candles, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

Autumn decorations made from natural materials – imaginative decorations for the house

Autumn decoration made from natural materials birch trunk-candles-pine cones-autumn leaves

In the house, autumn leaves can also be staged together with other natural materials on the mantelpiece, coffee table or on the chest of drawers. There are no limits to creativity – in the photo gallery below you will find some charming examples of what you can conjure up with a little skill. We hope you enjoy doing handicrafts – and let the other family members help out too!

Decorate the house entrance – garland made of natural materials / dry flowers, autumn leaves and decorative pumpkins / tie

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-ideas-house entrance-baslten

Autumn decorations made of natural materials – embellish the house entrance for Thanksgiving with natural treasures


Autumn decorations made from natural materials – with autumn leaves and decorative pumpkins made from straw

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-lantern-pumpkin-house entrance

You can also dye sunflowers and autumn leaves orange-red

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-gold shimmer-house entrance-sunflower-tinkering ideas

Welcome your guests with a beautiful autumn decoration made from natural materials!

Autumn decoration-natural materials-pumpkin bites-house entrance-handicraft ideas

Autumn decorations made of natural materials for the front door – tie an autumn wreath made of natural materials

Autumn decoration - natural materials - autumn leaves - door decoration ideas

Make autumn decorations yourself from natural materials – embellish the candle holders with pine cones and autumn leaves

Autumn decoration with natural materials, candle holder, decorative pumpkin, table decoration ideas

Autumn decorations made from natural materials – stylish arrangement in a transparent glass vase

Autumn decoration-natural materials-vase-nuts-autumn leaves-flowers

Autumn decoration-natural materials-table decoration-autumn leaves-decorative pumpkin-candles

Autumn decorations-natural materials-pumpkin-autumn leaves-tinker-with-children

Autumn decoration-natural materials-door wreath-front door-tinker-design

Autumn decoration-natural materials-wall decoration-autumn leaves-twine

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-mantelpiece-garland-tinker

Autumn decoration-natural materials-table runner-felt-do-it-yourself  Autumn decoration-natural materials-nuts-candles-garden lantern

Autumn decoration-natural materials-candle-autumn-leaves-wrap

Autumn decoration-natural materials-nuts-autumn leaves-candle holder-decorate

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-cup-arranging-craft ideas-adults

Autumn decoration-natural materials-Thanksgiving-autumn leaves-napkin-plate

Autumn decoration natural materials tree trunk coaster autumn leaves

Autumn decoration-natural materials-pumpkin-autumn leaves-willow grape   Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-ornamental pumpkin-

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-corn-white-pumpkin-handicraft ideas

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-birdhouse-outside-decorate

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-table decoration-arrangement-bean

Autumn decoration - natural materials - autumn leaves - vase - table decoration ideas  Autumn decoration-natural materials-arranging-handicraft ideas-adults

Tinker autumn decorations-natural materials-autumn leaves-window decorations

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-table runner-tinker

Autumn decoration-natural materials-handicraft ideas-adults-napkin technique

Autumn decoration - natural materials - autumn leaves - rose hip - concrete vase

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-coffee table-vase

Autumn decoration - natural materials - autumn leaves - pine cones - door wreath

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-ideas-hall decoration-tinker

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-watering can-mantelpiece-arranging

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-fruit bow

Autumn decoration - natural materials - autumn leaves - tree branch - tape lamp

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-arranging-gold

Autumn decoration - natural materials - rose hip - autumn leaves - table decoration ideas

Autumn decoration-natural materials-harvest festival-door wreath-handicraft ideas-adults

Autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-newspaper-cut out

Autumn decoration-natural materials-harvest festival-ideas-terrace design

Autumn decoration-natural materials-tinker-with-children-autumn leaves-fairies

Autumn decoration - natural materials - autumn leaves - pumpkin - front door - craft ideas

Autumn decoration - natural materials - garland - bale of straw - animal figures

Autumn decoration-natural materials-gold-door wreath-lantern-handicraft ideas



autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-table decoration-candles-lanterns-cinnamon stick

autumn-decoration-natural-materials-autumn-leaves-vase-sticks-orange-table decoration

autumn decoration-natural materials-autumn leaves-wall shelves-baskets-shelf cabinet