Autumn decoration ideas – arrangements with pumpkins for outside

Autumn decoration ideas curb-outside-vintage-candle-lantern-metal

We’ll show you 25 creative ones Fall decoration ideas with pumpkins – this is how you can create beautiful and effective arrangements for your house entrance in just a few minutes. And so that the pumpkins last a long time, now is the right time to start. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions – detailed instructions can be found below.

Necessary materials – three pumpkins, dry autumn leaves, rose hips, possibly autumn blossoms, nuts and decorative ribbon in red / brown / gold. On request, two different glitter sprays – for example wine red / gold, straw dolls, fear of birds, glue, flower pots / big enough so that the largest pumpkin fits in /, possibly LED fairy lights.

Autumn decoration ideas – instructions for making arrangements with pumpkins


Be the first to buy the three pumpkins – one large, one medium, and one small. They don’t have to be the same variety – just the opposite, you can combine different types of pumpkin. Leave the pumpkins in a dry room for at least 2 weeks. Then you can continue processing the pumpkins. Also let the autumn leaves dry for a week.

Autumn decoration ideas curb-out-olaf-eiskoenigin-film

First, the three pumpkins are hollowed out and, if desired, carved. Then the three pumpkins may be sprayed with glitter spray / or glued with rhinestones / and decorated with the ribbon. The three pumpkins are then placed on top of each other and glued with glue. In the end, they will be arranged in the flower pot. When you are done with this task, you can continue adding the autumn leaves, rose hips, and flowers to your decor. So that the decoration can also come into its own in the evening, you can wrap the LED light chains around the pumpkins. complete!




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