Autumn decoration 2020: These are the most beautiful DIY ideas for the coming autumn season

Modern, restrained and with a touch of glamor: This is how the autumn decoration 2020 presents itself. We show several ideas how you can bring cosiness into your own four walls with the right accessories. Let yourself be inspired and make yourself comfortable at home with muted colors, natural materials and homemade products.

Modern autumn decoration 2020 in muted natural colors

Make your own autumn decoration with leather lanterns

Natural-colored fabrics, candles in soft beige and accents in slate gray and lush green and decorative pumpkins in unusual shapes: this is how the autumn decoration on the dining table becomes a real eye-catcher. When decorating, however, make sure that the table does not look overly glamorous. You should therefore do without glitter and shine and rely on these Pantone colors.

Autumn decoration 2020: decorate with natural materials

Tie wheat stalks to the house instead of an autumn wreath

Natural materials in bright colors create a bright autumn look for the front door and are perfect as a transition between late summer and early autumn. A modern door wreath can be made from dried ears of wheat or barley. They also cut a fine figure on the dining table or in a vase and can be combined as desired with fresh and dry flowers, with pine cones, nuts and fruits.

Autumn decoration 2020: Spice up the old tablecloth

Herbstdeko 2020 stamping tablecloth with autumn motifs

Tablecloths made of cotton, linen or silk can be decorated with a stamp for textiles with natural motifs and ink pads in yellow and dark blue. Then let the stamped motifs dry for half an hour and then fix them with the iron. In no time at all, you will have a new tablecloth that is washable up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Autumn decoration 2020 wind lights made of glass and leather

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a successful autumn decoration. Decorate the glass lanterns with leather, place scented pillar candles in them and the autumn table decoration is ready. The three of you can arrange the lanterns on the coffee table or side table or place them on the dining table as accents.

Make your own autumn wreath for the front door out of nuts

Making a door wreath out of nuts is an easy task. With a satin bow in camel color, the wreath looks autumnal and shimmers discreetly with every door movement. The autumn decoration exudes a natural charm and can be tinkered with little effort.

Wind lights yourself make autumn ideas for handicrafts 2020

Atmospheric lighting should of course not be missing on the autumn table. Wrap the glass lanterns with a loosely woven coaster and give the dining area an autumn look. If you want, you can first spray the coasters with a metallic paint spray.

Fall decoration ideas decorate pillowcases

Natural materials not only create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and dining room. You can also create a cozy ambience in the living room or in the sleeping area with textiles in autumn colors. Dark blue, yellow, orange, brick red and beige form an attractive ensemble, perfect for the cold season.

Autumn decoration ideas with twine and tree branches in different colors

It doesn’t always have to be time-consuming and complicated: In autumn, even subtle accents are enough to create a suitable mood. Painted tree branches together with dried autumn flowers look particularly good in puristic vases. The dining table made of untreated oak forms a perfect background for the table decoration made of natural materials.

Make autumn decorations 2020 yourself with fruit and lanterns

Not only does the whole family gather at the autumn table, but also all kinds of fruits. Because pears, grapes and apples harmonize perfectly with the yellow candles and the nude tablecloth. The glass plates and lanterns give the ensemble a modern touch.

Autumn decoration ideas with pumpkins and fresh flowers

Colorful flower arrangements in hollowed-out pumpkins are not a new decoration trend. On the contrary: craft enthusiasts have already tried numerous arrangements and decoration ideas of this kind. This year it’s less about the vases made from natural materials and more about the colors. Because September, October and November offer an abundance of splendid and colorful autumn flowers.

Autumn decoration 2020 Color tree trunk vase with metallic spray

Purple is one of the autumn colors par excellence. Several tone-on-tone nuances together with red pussy willow perfectly decorate the table. The successful color combination can be loosened up with grass green.

Autumn decoration 2020 in purple and gray with copper accents & gt; Fabric pumpkins

Purple, bronze and lavender can also be perfectly combined. Accents in metallic colors and different materials give the arrangement on the coffee table character. Pumpkins made of fabric, autumn leaves in bronze and tree branches in silver bring a vintage touch to your own four walls.

Traditional autumn decoration 2020 with natural materials

Autumn decoration ideas with flowers and pumpkins in neutral colors

Those who do not like modern table decorations rely on tradition and fall back on the classic autumn range. Beige, red, yellow and orange give the ensemble warmth and royal blue adds color accents. The decoration can look bright, colorful and even chaotic. The natural materials clearly play the main role.

Mix and match: diamond patterns clearly play the main role in the following arrangement

Herbstdeko 2020 Table decoration with plaid: table runner and coasters

Flower arrangements in vintage tins

Autumn decoration 2020 with fresh flowers in vintage tins

Pumpkins and rose hips for country-style decorations

Autumn decoration for the coffee table or the kitchen with natural materials

Decorate the table with fresh and dry flowers for autumn

Autumn decoration ideas with fresh seasonal flowers

Autumn coat decorated with natural materials

Make your own autumn decoration with natural materials

Autumn leaves, tree branches and pine cones and vintage ceramics

Make autumn table decorations yourself for little money

Ornamental pumpkins and natural materials

Autumn table decorations with mini pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins and painted pumpkins as accents

Modern autumn decoration with pumpkins in muted colors