Autumn and Halloween decoration – make your own door wreath with mini pumpkins

autumn and halloween decorations door wreath bow moss

This door wreath is such a great idea for  Autumn and Halloween decoration. The mini pumpkins on a wreath add a nice Halloween touch to your front door. This is one of the easiest do-it-yourself fall wreaths. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Autumn and Halloween decorations for the front door

autumn and halloween decoration fabric flowers yellow red front door

Note: If you use fresh mini pumpkins, they will disintegrate after a week or two. Therefore, you can also make this wreath with artificial materials. The artificial mini pumpkins that were used here have a fine, glittering coating.

Required materials: a wreath blank, mini pumpkins, hot glue gun, floral wire, plastic spiders, black satin ribbon.


1. Start with an 18 inch wreath blank. This size allows us to glue about 13 pumpkins on it.

2. Once your arrangement is complete, begin gluing each pumpkin in place and letting it dry. Glue them close together but leave room for our bow at the top.

3. The little plastic spiders are a fun addition. Attach this to one of the pumpkins with a bit of hot glue for a creepy Halloween touch.

4. Finally, you need a bow to accent the Autumn and Halloween decoration to put.

5. Use floral wire or black pipe cleaners to attach them to the wreath, or hot glue on the front if you want. Happy Halloween!

use different types of pumpkin

autumn wreath pumpkins pine cones craft idea

Halloween door wreath  halloween door wreath black orange mini pumpkins

other version with pine cones and flowers

decorative wreath mini pumpkins pine cone flowers

autumn wreath decoration pumpkins varieties autumn leaves

lush wreath with flowers and foliage

autumn wreath mini pumpkins foliage rose hip front door

autumn deco door orange bows mini pumpkins

Moss wreath blank

door wreath autumn make yourself loop moss tubing

with candy

halloween door wreath mini pumpkins candy