35 decoration ideas for autumn parties – table decorations and striking accents

Decoration ideas for autumn party -halloween-metal-lanterns-mini-pumpkins-twigs-spider web

An autumn party evokes associations with bright colors, a cozy and warm atmosphere, the soft light from candles, nuts and cones scattered on the table and of course pumpkins. Fill your house with colorful decorative objects that you bought cheaply from the market or that you have made yourself. They bring their pleasant charm with them as they are made of materials that you may have found in the forest or in your own garden. We offer you 35 Decoration ideas for autumn party, that would inspire you how to set the table and which highlights you can put around the house.

Decoration ideas for autumn parties – real eye-catchers

Decoration ideas for autumn party table-wheat-bundle-pumpkin-vases

Nature gives us all the materials we need to decorate our house or table fabulously. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. The beauty of the natural finds is enough. Collect brightly colored leaves, pine cones, nuts, berry branches, fruits and vegetables.

Decoration ideas for autumn party with fruits and vegetables

Decoration ideas-autumn-party-orange-berries-vintage-metal-teapot

Create a simple bouquet of autumn flowers and twigs and put it on the table. Add candles and other small details. You cannot arrange them, but simply lay them back and forth in a chaotic manner. Check out these cool decorating ideas and have an unforgettable party!

Table decoration on a jute table runner

Decoration-ideas-autumn-party-metal-candle-holder-flowers-jute-table runner

brightly painted tableware set with autumn motifs


Mini pumpkins in the plates

Decoration ideas for autumn party rattan coasters mini pumpkin plates

Glass vase filled with nuts and moss and put a few feathers in between

Herbstdeko glass vase nuts moss feathers table idea

Decoration ideas for autumn party autumn bouquet of vegetables ideas

Pieces of wood as coasters

table decoration ideas for autumn party pumpkins plate wooden pieces green

beautiful colored glass

table decorations autumn candles colored dishes vase branches

patterned crockery with autumn theme 

table decoration autumn nuts cones gold bordeaux table runner plate

Witch’s broom in the plate

table decoration autumn halloween broom witch place card

Fairy lights on the mantelpiece

mantelpiece autumn decoration white pumpkin fairy lights

Mossballs and sap plants

autumn table elegant moss sap plant arrangement middle

autumn table decorations candles pumpkins maple leaf plate

Decoration ideas for autumn party garden table decorations orange paper lamps

Herbstdeko party buffet biscuits cakes candles mini pumpkins

autumn decoration house console table hallway candles green glass vases  garden table decorations autumn flowers country house style

deco table autumn plate artichokes white pumpkins candlesticks

deco ideas autumn table ornamental grasses orange blanket

Decoration ideas for an autumn party table sunflower cushion print

deco ideas fall party muffins cookies bow tied

deco ideas autumn party wreaths branches berries grass

Decoration ideas for an autumn party candle holder tea lights lens

deco ideas fall party house pumpkin candles hydrangea

deco ideas fall party garden white pumpkin muffins burlap

deco ideas autumn party garden pumpkins finger food

Decoration ideas for an autumn party buffet table apple pear cone

deco ideas autumn party tree trunk candlelights fruit vegetables

Decoration ideas for an autumn party apples write names of guests

place cards autumn leaves name write fork

table decoration autumn candles white cones driftwood

autumn party food decoration branches cookies leaf shape

autumn party buffet orange biscuits multilevel

autumn scent tea lights apple candle holder make yourself