30 decorative ideas for autumn for outdoors with colorful autumn flowers

Decoration ideas for autumn outside-concrete-bowl-rhubarb-leaf-cabbage-pumpkin-chrysanthemums

When the weather turns cooler and the sky turns gray, the fall season has come! With a couple of nice ones Decoration ideas for autumn you can bring some color back into the garden and terrace. With pumpkins, candles and beautiful autumn flowers, the ambience outside becomes autumnal and inviting.

Decoration ideas for autumn with heather

deco-ideas-autumn-outside-calluna-vulgaris-red-cabbage-white-vintage-candle lantern

The most popular plants for the fall season are the heather – Erica varieties and Calluna vulgaris. The calluna bloom from late summer to the first frost, Erica gracilis from August to October, while the flowering shoots of the winter and snow heather Erica carnea are densely populated from October to May. Here you can find more Information about the most important types of heather receive. The heather can be combined individually or in pots with other plants. Depending on the style of the vessels, they can look modern, romantic, Scandinavian or rural. Wicker baskets, tin buckets, wooden barrels and boxes are perfect for this.

Decoration ideas for autumn with ornamental cabbage

Decoration ideas for autumn - outside-stone-bowl-cabbage-ivy

Ornamental cabbage is an attractive eye-catcher not only with its curly leaves, but also with its interesting autumn color. If the temperatures drop below 10 degrees, the leaves begin to discolour intensely. For autumn planting, ornamental cabbage is usually combined with heather, cyclamen and silver leaf.

Autumn plantings in wooden barrels

Decoration ideas for autumn outside-wooden barrel-heather-ivy-chrysanthemum-pumpkins

Pumpkins are available in different colors and shapes in autumn and offer bright splashes of color, not only on tables, but also under blooming autumn flowers. Their bright orange tones are particularly effective in combination with purple heather and purple-colored ornamental cabbage.

white heather, chrysanthemum, sedum, silver wire


orange blooming chrysanthemums

deco-ideas-autumn-outside-house-entrance-willow box-herbs-orange-chrysanthemums

Lamipon flowers and fairy lights in a candle lantern

deco-ideas-autumn-outside-rattan-planter-candle-lanterns-lampion-flower-fairy lights

white cyclamen, silver leaf, silver wire, ornamental cabbage and ivy

deco-ideas-autumn-outside-flower-arrangement-ivy-cyclamen-white-silver-leaf-silver wire

Ornamental cabbage, bell heather, silver wire


Fall leaves in a wire basket


beautiful shades of purple in autumn


Make a door wreath out of autumn leaves – maple leaves and berries

deco-ideas-autumn-outdoors-wicker-basket-door-wreath-autumn leaves

Ornamental pumpkins hidden under the autumn plants

deco-ideas-autumn-outdoors-wicker-basket-silver-leaf-ornamental cabbage-heather

Mock berries, heather and cabbage in cream-green

Decoration ideas for autumn outside-table-lanterns-tontoepfe-heather

white pillar candles surrounded with natural materials


black planter and metal candle lanterns for Halloween

deco-ideas-autumn-outdoors-black-flowerpots-candle lanterns-metal-berry branch

green-cream cabbage, silver leaf and white cyclamen

deco-ideas-autumn-outside-planter-white-alpine violets-cabbage-white-silver-leaf


Decoration ideas for autumn outdoors - autumn plant arrangements

deco-ideas-autumn-outside-house-entrance-wine boxes-pumpkin lantern-heather






Decoration ideas for autumn outside-cushion-orange-apple-bench

deco ideas for autumn pumpkins chrysanthemums metal garden furniture

deco ideas for autumn rustic design linen sack autumn colors flowers

deco ideas for autumn table white chrysanthemums outdoor design

deco ideas for autumn flower pot clay cabbage chrysanthemums yellow pumpkin

deco ideas for autumn flower box window chilli crysanthemums orange