Zaha Hadid Design – The award winner’s most popular projects

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Zaha Hadid is without a doubt one of the most famous, if not to say the most famous architect in the world. Their projects have been implemented in many large cities. These include London, Rome, Beijing, Copenhagen and Madrid. Her successful career began shortly after graduating from the Architecture Association School in London. She attracted interest as early as 1982 when she developed a design for the “The Peak” high-rise in Hong Kong. The architect continued to attract particular attention in 2003 when she led the project to build the Museum of Modern Art in Cincinnati, as well as with the Zaha Hadid design in Denmark in the form of the “Ordrupgaard” museum.

Zaha Hadid Design in Germany


There are also many public buildings in Germany and impressive examples of Zaha Hadid design. These include the BMW headquarters in Leipzig, the Vitra House in Weil am Rhein, an IBA apartment block in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the “phaeno” natural science museum in Wolfsburg, exhibition hall 3A in Nuremberg and many others. She owes the honor of being the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize to all of these unique buildings. We have put together a selection of significant projects by the honorable Zaha Hadid, with which we would like to honor the talented architect after her sudden death at the age of 65. They are an important part in modern architecture.

Zaha Hadid Design – Apartments in the Opus Office Tower in Dubai

Zaha Hadid Buildings opus-office-tower-dubai-apartment-white-interior-stairs

Although it is a large office building, there are also apartments on the upper floors of the Opus Office Tower, which are primarily made available to business guests. These were designed by Zaha Hadid. The Zaha Hadid design combines modern luxury details with the necessary cosiness that can be achieved through a bright interior. You can view the apartments in detail here.

Swimming pool design in London

Zaha Hadid Builds London Olympic Games Swimming Pool Windows

A suitable swimming pool had to be built especially for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Trust was placed in the experience and skill in the Zaha Hadid design. The design of the Olympic Aquatic Center looks a bit futuristic in a way. The large swimming pool has space for a total of 17,500 spectators and was opened in 2011. More on the subject here.

Hotel design

Zaha Hadid Buildings puerte-america-madrid-hotel-minimalist-furnishings-white-bedrooms

Zaha Hadid is also responsible for this impressive hotel room. It is located in Madrid and is called “Puerte América”. The hotel rooms are characterized by white walls and furniture, as well as curved, organic shapes. A minimalist Zaha Hadid design that is as extravagant as she is.

Rosenthal Center

Zaha Hadid Bauwerke rosenthal-cincinnatti-museum-modern-art-facade-idea

The world-famous Rosenthal Center for modern art with the Zaha Hadid design can be seen in the picture above. It is a museum located in Cincinnatti, Ohio. It is interesting to know that this is the first museum in the USA to be designed by a woman.

Vitra fire station

Zaha Hadid Buildings Vitra-fire-brigade-roof-original-pointed

The interesting shape that was chosen for this Zaha Hadid design is immediately striking. It represents the frozen moment before an explosion and is therefore wonderfully adapted to the use of the building. The chair museum is currently located there. You can find more information about the Vitra fire station here .

Maggies Center in Scotland

zaha hadid design buildings maggies-center-cancer-scotland-black-facade

The Maggie Center with Zaha Hadid Design is an institution that aims to provide support and information to cancer patients. In addition to Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Richard Rogers are also involved in the architecture.

Bad exhibition for Roca


The architect was given an original task by Roca. The company provided a large room to be set up and designed for an upcoming exhibition. The Zaha Hadid design took a back seat, while the interior design skills were in demand. More photos from the Roca exhibition can be found here.

The dancing towers


The dancing towers are another Zaha Hadid design destined for Dubai. The three towers impress with their original shape and are connected by bridges. State-of-the-art architecture as you know it from Dubai.

Phaeno Science Center


Phaeno is located in Wolfsburg. It is a massive concrete construction that was created in collaboration between Hadid, Mayer Bährle Architects and Adams Kara Taylor. The building with its typical Zaha Hadid design functions as a science museum. Take a closer look at the architecture of the center here.

Innsbruck Nordkettenbahn


This Norkettenbahn connects the city with the mountains and has four stops. The modern architecture and the Zaha Hadid design quickly turned into a landmark of the Tyrolean capital. Among other things, the organic shapes are impressive.

BMW headquarters

zaha-hadid-design-bmw-headquarters-leipzig-modern-construction-window fronts

Innovation and modernity flow into one another in this example of the Zaha Hadid design. The BMW headquarters is in Leipzig and is one of the architect’s impressive works on German soil. You can find more information about the BMW headquarters in our article here.

Wallpapers by Zaha Hadid


Not only the Zaha Hadid design is impressive. The architect has not only implemented great projects for the interior design. This also includes the wallpaper design that was developed for the Marburger wallpaper factory. More about wallpaper design here.

Marble coffee table


This marble table is a model that was specially designed for the furniture company Citco. In addition to the luxurious material, the organic shapes of the piece of furniture are also striking. The Zaha Hadid design was inspired by mercury. We present the interesting coffee table design here again in more detail.

Glass table design


A perfect living or dining room arrangement with Zaha Hadid design is provided with the table made of glass. It is called Liquid Glasier and gives the appearance of frozen water. The long design can be conveniently divided into two parts, so that you can always choose between a long or two small tables. You can find more pictures of the glass table here.

Performing Arts Center in Dubai


This building also impresses with its unique architecture. It is located in Dubai and represents a center of the performing arts. With the Zaha Hadid design, the architect has again left her fingerprints.

Zurich airport


The airport in Zurich is also very modern. A friendly atmosphere is achieved by the glazed ceiling and the surfaces in white color as a feature of this Zaha Hadid design. That makes traveling even more fun. Would you like more information about the airport? Then take a look here.

Architecture in Croatia


The successful architect designed another terminal for the airport in Zagreb in Croatia. The idea of ​​a bright interior design is repeated here too and achieved in the same way – with a glazed ceiling and lots of white paint. A Zaha Hadid design to dream of!

The Bergisel ski jump

zaha-hadid-design-bergisel-schanze-concrete-oesterreich-high-performance sport

Like the Nordkettenbahn, the Bergisel ski jump is located in Innsbruck. The large hill is characterized by a Zaha Hadid design of straight lines and offers the perfect opportunity for training and competitions in ski jumping as a high-performance sport. A panorama café can also be found in this ski jump. Sports and architecture fans can read more about the jump here.