Zaha Hadid – a visionary architect


the Architect Zaha Hadid has several award-winning projects thanks to their innovative architectural designs. Her work is totally breathtaking and reflects not only her great creativity but also her approach. We have selected some of their architectural works of art for you.

Montpellier interior by architect Zaha Hadid

Montpellier interior modern architecture

the Architect Zaha Hadid has established herself as a successful and talented architect in a ‘man’s world‘. A perfectionist through and through, she strives for the best possible realization of your projects. She refused several times to compromise with the draft, which on the one hand led to money losses. On the other hand, however, the talented architect has proven herself to be a real artist, which drew attention to her. Nothing can stand on the way to a puristic look of your buildings. She has your principles and she is valued for it.

The ‘dancing towers – design by the architect Zaha Hadid


Hadid is known for her temperament, and is sometimes even referred to as the “Diva”. In any case, when you do such a high quality job, it is understandable that a lot of attention is paid to the details. Soon after graduating from high school in London, it became clear that the architect Zaha Hadid was not one of the trendy postmodernists at the moment.

Cable Railway project by Zaha Hadid



Hadid finds inspiration above all in modernism. Her own style is an exciting mix of modernist principles and a modern view of the world. Hadid likes to experiment with different constructions and configurations and creates sculptural forms that look equally good in a hectic city and in the middle of nature.

From Jaz

The Roca Gallery in London


Interior of the Roca Gallery

Interior Roca London

modern interior design – the futiristic Roca gallery

Interior Roca Gallery

Sports hall for the Olympic Games in London in 2012

London Olympic Games 2012 Architecture

Aquatic sports hall in London