World-famous architecture and design studio JDS


 The young team from the architecture and Design studio  JDS, was founded by the Belgian Julien De Smedt. This exciting company has a demanding agenda – the designers skillfully combine their knowledge from different areas and work on private, public and corporate projects. JDS produces exceptional designs that have been influenced by modern architecture around the world. They can vary in style and still be adapted to a specific location, climate or function.

Architecture and design studio JDS with sustainable projects


The rich variety of architecture projects reflects the ideas of an inquisitive team that reacts to changes in lifestyle and technology. A common ground that all projects of architecture and Design studio sharing is looking to the future. Environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies have been incorporated into every design. Even the scale of the project cannot change this social responsibility. JDS designers are able to apply their many skills to ensure the end result is convincing. They see each new job as a challenge that combines social and professional aspects. As a result, many exciting designs have emerged, all of which are characterized by their close relationship with nature.

Team spirit for innovative from the architecture and design studio JDS


The combination of previous knowledge and experience has for the architecture and Design studio JDS Team brought success. They try to solve every problem through theoretical knowledge and professional experience. With their modern and future-oriented methods, uncompromising professional execution of the project and a penchant for innovation, JDS have managed to create inspiring and influencing architecture. Several locations around the world are perfect proof of the refreshing creativity and sensitive approach of the designer team. This guarantees the high standards. The impressive portfolio of JDS shows a company that has a positive impact on the world of modern architecture and society through its projects.

From Jaz

Innovative environmentally friendly projects


Sustainable architecture combines modern technology and minimalist principles


Modern ski slope

Ski slope innovative design

Modern innovative architecture


Modern student dormitory

M6B1 student dorm

Town house with a planted roof


Roof terrace with wooden flooring