Wooden shingles for the facade and roof – single-family home in the suburbs of New York

Wooden shingles for facade roof-inner courtyard-glass aisles-gable roof-wooden fence

This modern single family home is located in Nassau County – a suburb of New York. The architects from Bates Masi + Architects designed the house as a network of smaller houses connected by glass corridors and courtyards. The design with Wooden shingles for facade and roof corresponds to the architecture of the area and is in harmony with the green landscape.

Wooden shingles for the facade and roof – house with more than one inner courtyard

Wooden shingles for facade roof-gable houses-family house-pavilions-inner courtyard

The single-family house is divided into smaller gabled structures, which roof and facade are made of wood shingles. Every smaller house has sliding glass walls that can be left open when the weather is nice and provide a connection to the rest of the house. The materials used in the construction of the house achieve natural living and the inner courtyards create a lot of free outdoor space. The ceilings are also made of wood and the pitched roof provides the rooms with sufficient light and fresh air.

The wooden clapboards for the facade are in harmony with the wooden ceilings

Wooden shingles for facade open-room-open-walls-connection-garden-barbecue area

At the back of the house there is a large garden with a barbecue area, which is suitable for pleasant Sunday afternoons with the family. The oak ceilings have metal strips that complete the geometric structure of the whole house and are in harmony with the facade cladding. Wooden shingles for facades and roofs are a suitable material because of their resistance to any climate. They can be found in all lengths and shapes. Larch and spruce are usually preferred as wood species for wooden shingles, but they can also be found in cedar, oak or beech.

The single-family house is divided into small connected houses by inner courtyards

wood shingles-facade-calm-relaxation-courtyard-benches-bluestone-chimney

The idea for the separation into individual parts of the house comes from the uneven landscape at the site. Each interior area is bound to the exterior area from two sides and the different levels allow a view across the houses and into the garden from some angles. This eliminates the boundaries between the different parts and the house becomes a whole.

Wooden ceiling with strips of metal that follow the gable roof

wooden shingles-pitched roof-light-integrated-lighting-parquet floor

Wooden ceiling with integrated lighting

wood shingles-facade-pitched roof-wood panels-living room-glass wall

The individual gabled houses are connected by glass corridors

wood shingles-facade-pitched roof-glass corridor-corridor-pavilion-connection

Dining room overlooking the garden

wood shingles-pitched roof-dining room-chandelier-glass sliding walls-curtains

The house has several courtyards linked together

wood shingle-facade-pitched roof-kitchen-cooking islands-glass sliding-doors

Kitchen with movable and fixed cooking island

Wooden shingles-gable-roof-kitchen-movable-island-patio

Bedroom with sliding glass walls

wood shingles-wood ceiling-bedroom-garden-curtains-glass sliding walls

The design refers to nature

wood shingles-facade-roof-glass wall-stone benches-modern-design

Wooden shingles for the facade and roof combine functionality and aesthetics

wood shingle-facade-pitched roof-garden-pavilions-bates-masi-architects

* You can find this and other projects by Bates Masi + Architects on theirs official website.