Wood clinker bricks – an environmentally friendly house by Jaro Krobo

wood clinker strips-facade-design-entrance-metal-roof

Those who love nature are guaranteed to fall in love with this house immediately. The property is not only surrounded by greenery and beautiful hills, but is also largely made of natural materials, including practical ones Wood clinker bricks. It is located in Slovakia and was designed by Jaro Krobot. We would like to introduce the house to you in this article. Let yourself be inspired by the interior and the attractive outdoor area.

Wooden clinker bricks – house by Joro Krobot

wood clinker bricks house-design-slovakia-nature

Originally, a brick house was on the site of the new one. But since it was in a very bad condition, it was replaced and rebuilt with wooden clinker bricks. But the size was retained. The new house accommodates three living areas. On the one hand, there is the living room, which was designed in the first room. The kitchen with dining area is again in the middle area and separates the living room from the bedroom, which is located in the rear area. There is also a laundry room. This is located between the kitchen and living room, along the corridor. The black tiles and the wooden facade can be found in every room, or on every outside wall.

Wooden clinker bricks for quick construction

wood clinker stones small-house-garden-conifer-trees-brick-wall

The construction of the house with tiles in black and wood facade consists exclusively of wood. STEKO bricks made of spruce were used for the construction. These were developed in collaboration with ETH Zurich. An important, noteworthy advantage of this construction method is the quick completion. This house, for example, was erected in just five days thanks to the wooden clinker bricks, including the roof. This is a fact that many others could find useful.

Wood moldings

wood clinker stone-gravel-bed-stairs-entrance-door-moder-black

Wood also plays an important role indoors. Light wood cladding for the walls is combined with white wall paint to create a friendly atmosphere. This enables the use of attractive black stone tiles for the floor. In this way, the different levels of each room highlight each other. You can see more photos of the house made of wood clinker bricks below. This also includes the floor plan and model.

Garden of the house

wood-clinker bricks-terrace-concrete-floor-wooden boards-lounge

Wood slats and boards


living room

wood-clinker-living room-wall cladding-black-tiles

Kitchen design


Bedroom with sliding door

wood-clinker-sliding-door-bedroom-floor-black-flooring-dining table

Wood clinker bricks

wood-clinker bricks-wood cladding-bedroom-design-patio door-roof pitch

Modern bathroom

wood-clinker bricks-bathroom-open-shower-shower curtain-white-tiles


wood-clinker-bricks-jaro-krobot-design-floor plan

Side view with modern design


Roof design

wood-clinker bricks-roof-design-ceiling-sloping roof-natural materials

Gable roof for a modern house


Sloping roof idea


Location map


Model with floor plan


Wood model


Elongated design


Design by Jaro Krobot.