White house facade and a wonderful view – a house in the lowlands

White house facade house-flat-land-surrounded by nature

The architecture studio ColectivArquitectura has designed a detached house in the lowlands of Portugal that is completely surrounded by nature. the white house facade stands in contrast to the surroundings and is noticed even from a great distance. The location is chosen so that you can get as much as possible out of the breathtaking views.

White house facade and pool – a modern house in nature

White house facade detached house pool flat land

The impressive house is located in the lowlands of Grândola, Portugal and is designed with an open concept. Sliding glass doors connect indoor and outdoor areas and offer a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. The kitchen and living room are furnished in light colors and designed with direct access to the terrace with pool.

White house facade as an eye-catcher in the lowlands

White house facade architecture house portugal flat roof

The house is designed as a composition of some geometric volumes in a parallelepiped shape. This results in different ceiling heights in the individual living rooms of the house. The house also has a small courtyard with a garage, which is designed as a driveway for cars.

House with a white facade and light interior

White house facade pool terrace wooden floor view

The white is the predominant color not only on the outside, but also on the inside. The living rooms are designed with white walls and ceilings and the furnishings are back to light tones and wood. A long hallway serves as a passage between the various living areas and connects the individual parts of the house.

Infinity pool with a wonderful view


Open living concept for an indoor / outdoor lifestyle

white-house-facade-house-terrace-pool-sliding glass-doors

Wooden front door leads to the living room

white-house-facade-white-interior-wooden-door-screed floor

Narrow corridor as a passage between the living areas

white-house-facade-walls-living room-partition-fireplace

Living room with suspended ceiling and partition wall as a room divider


Suspended ceiling with indirect lighting


Living room in light colors


Room divider with built-in fireplace in the living room

white-house-living-area-fireplace-outlook-flat land

Kitchen with sliding glass doors and access to the terrace

house-white-portugal-kitchen-kitchen-island-sliding glass-doors

Spacious kitchen with kitchen island

house-white-kitchen-kitchen island-screed floor-wood worktop

Bedroom with a simple design


Wooden furniture in the bedroom

white bedroom wooden wardrobe mural

White house facade and brown flat roof


Modern architecture shaped by geometric shapes


House with a white facade in the lowlands


Illumination of the house at night


* a project by ColectivArquitectura.