Villa Wienberg – renovated single-family house characterized by contrasts

renovated family house Wienberg exterior cladding facade black

A renovated family house in Aarhus, Denmark is a very special place, characterized by contrasts. Rarely do the supposed opposites meet as harmoniously as they do here. Dark and light, modern and old, warm and cold, light and shadow form a harmonious whole and invite you to live peacefully.

Renovated family home by Wienberg Architects and Friis & Moltke

Villa Wienberg Denmark garden fence modern green

The villa is located on a corner lot in Højbjerg, a residential area of ​​Aarhus. Mette and Martin Wienberg in collaboration with the Danish architects Friis & Moltke transformed this holiday home in Denmark, which has existed since 1940, into a modern and comfortable home for their family. At Villa Wienberg, borders are crossed, for which it was awarded the City of Aarhus Architecture Prize in 2008.

Villa Wienberg – a house of contrasts

Villa Wienberg Scandinavian design Weinberg Architects

Villa Wienberg is much more than just a rrenovated single-family house. It is a house of contrasts. In contrast to the strict black facade, there is a cozy and warm atmosphere in the rooms. The interior walls are clad with oak, which makes them look almost alive. The seating furniture is complemented by soft furs and couch cushions. The warm toning of the wood is used in many ways and combined with polished concrete floors. Large sliding windows offer relaxed views of the surrounding garden with flower beds.

Renovated family home from Wienberg Architects – a cozy refuge

Wood paneling insert-modern Villa-Wienberg aarchus dänemarḱ renovated house

On the living space of 184 m2, the residents will find relaxation and retreat, as well as excitement and inspiration.

The hallway is bright and puristic

puristic house interior design white hallway Villa-Wienberg

Villa Wienberg offers light-flooded living

Glass sliding door-wall-white puristically renovated single-family house

The children’s room also has a Scandinavian-puristic effect

purism children's room-white scandinavian-style seating large window

Indoor garden with potted plants

Villa Wienberg-Scandinavian style rooms cold white-hallway design

Spacious white kitchen with island

kitchen with island-puristic wooden chairs pendant light built-in cupboards

Simple bathroom with tiles in a dark shade

Tile the bathroom, built-in bathtub Villa-Wienberg

Cozy interior with wood-paneled walls

wooden stairs stringer stairs wooden railing built-in shelves

The oak wall cladding radiates warmth

scandinavian apartment furniture ideas home design wood flooring

Wood and concrete complete each other

wood covering-wall flooring-concrete steps

Leather furniture in the same color family as the walls

felle cushions-leather sofa set-with panorama window renovated single-family house

There is a peaceful atmosphere

Cozy sitting area-alcove wooden bench leather fur pendant lamp

Leather and furs provide more comfort

single-family house modern-wood cladding Villa-Wienberg architects

Stairs leading upstairs have built-in bookshelves 

Staircase with built-in bookshelves storage space

Photos by Mikkel Mortensen

Villa Wienberg – room layout and floor plan

Floor plan of Villa aarchus denmark-Wienberg architects-Friis-Moltke

Villa Denmark Wienberg room layout Friis Moltke

front view

Front view of the entrance to Villa-Wienberg aarchus

Flat roof house modern renovated single family villa Wienberg views

Side view of Villa aarchus Denmark-Wienberg Architects

Villa Wienberg – views

villa wienberg aarchus views friis-moltke