Vietnam’s spectacular new bridge is carried by huge hands

golden bridge in Vietnam countryside view

A true architectural work of art, Vietnam’s spectacular new bridge “Cau Vang” towers over the hills of the Ba Na Mountains and meanders through the forests of the coastal town of Da Nang. The “Golden Bridge”, inaugurated in June, quickly caught the attention of tourists from all over the world. The highlight are the huge, stone hands that carry the bridge. On the golden bridge, visitors can admire the entire infinite landscape and the majestic mountains of Ba Na from an altitude of 1,400 meters.

It looks like the new bridge is being carried by a stone giant

looks like the Golden Bridge is being carried by a giant made of stone

The Golden Bridge was opened to the public two months ago. It extends over a length of 150 meters and offers visitors a unique view of the picturesque mountain landscape of Ba Na. Purple herbaceous lobelia have been planted along the pedestrian bridge, and their deep hues accentuate the spectacular golden bridge railings. It is therefore not surprising that the walk gives visitors the feeling of crossing paradise.

new bridge vietnam stone hands made of steel and fiberglass

The unusual construction of the bridge excites the imagination and seems to defy the laws of gravity. It looks like the bridge is being carried by a stone mythical creature. In fact, the hands are not made of rock, but of a steel mesh and fiberglass. The moss covering has given them an interesting patina and they look really realistic.

The new bridge “Cau Vang” as a tourist attraction

golden bridge railings and purple lobelia tourist attraction Vietnam

According to reports, the bridge is part of a $ 2 billion project designed to accommodate many tourists. Vietnam has become one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia since the 1990s. In 2009 alone, Vietnam had a record 3.77 million international tourists.

purple perennial lobelia golden bridge railings

The Golden Bridge of Vietnam is part of the “Sunworld Ba Na Hills” mountain resort. Ba Na Hills is a tourist resort founded by French settlers in 1919. Their old destroyed houses are still preserved today. A century later, the place became a Vietnamese tourist center. There tourists can visit a medieval French village with a castle and a cathedral, as well as a wax museum. A cable car also offers beautiful bird’s-eye views. The amusement park is 30 km from Da Nang and 60 km from Hoi An. So if you want to visit the area, don’t miss the opportunity to walk across the Cau Vang Golden Bridge.

new bridge Ba Na Mountains carried by stone hands

View of the mountain landscape from the golden bridge