Vertical wooden facade and modern interior design – a house in the forest

Vertical wooden facade modern-architecture-house-forest

You feel good in nature and can relax from hectic everyday life. That is why the architects from the Arches architecture studio designed a cozy single-family house in the forest. Although the house is in the countryside and completely surrounded by nature, it is not far from the city. the vertical wooden facade and the extraordinary architecture with a modern overhang on the outside immediately catches the eye and is complemented by a stylish design on the inside.

Vertical wooden facade in harmony with nature

Vertical wooden facade house-green cantilever

The family house is located in Vilnius, Lithuania and is located on a small slope in a green area. The vertical wooden cladding for the facade is in harmony with the natural landscape and creates a harmonious overall picture. However, wood is not only used for the facade, but also in the interior. The rooms are designed with wooden ceilings and floors and vertical blinds made of wood are used as sun protection.

Vertical wooden facade and cantilevered architecture

Vertical wooden facade villa-cantilever-forest-garage

A modern cantilever is built on the second floor of the house, in which there is a spacious living room. In addition to the living room with living area, dining area and kitchen, the 415 square meters of living space also include a few bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house in the forest is equipped with several terraces specially designed for relaxing moments outdoors. Thanks to the modern floor-to-ceiling windows, the rooms in the house are particularly bright and flooded with light.

Terrace on the second floor


Vertical wooden facade and wooden blinds

Vertical wooden facade blinds-green-lawn

Modern architecture with a cantilever


The cantilever inside – modern interior design with wooden ceiling and floor

wood-interior-wood ceiling-wood floor-fireplace-living area

Spacious living area with a central fireplace

wood-ceiling-floor-living room-fireplace-large-windows

Open living room with kitchen and dining area


Black kitchen in modern interior


The wooden ceiling and floor are in harmony


Modern interior staircase with a special design


Light-flooded bathroom with patio door

wood-ceiling-blinds-bathroom-bathtub-balcony door

Wooden elements in the bathroom


White bathroom with walk-in shower


Modern vertical blinds made of wood

vertical-wooden facade-wooden boards-blinds-windows

House with a wooden facade on a slope


Cantilever over the terrace


Vertical wooden facade and impressive architecture


Bird’s eye view of house in the forest


* the house in Vilnius is from Arches designed.