Used Euro pallets as an architectural element – student residence in Paris

used euro pallets student residence AME-LOT Paris

Used Euro pallets are used in architecture as flexible facade elements. The innovative project by the French architectural office Malka and architect Stephanie Malka achieved sustainable green architecture and the optimal use of urban space. A remarkable modern building has been created on a floor space of 450 square meters and with a budget of around 290,000 euros. And completely from wooden pallets. The project was completed in 2011.

Used Euro pallets – building ecological structures

Pallet building Paris-Malka

The ecological building is a student residence and is located on Rue Amelot in Paris. The architects attach great importance to environmental protection and the sensible recycling and further use of building materials. Used Euro pallets fit surprisingly well into the urban architecture. They are held together with horizontal hinges and can therefore be pulled together as required. With the simultaneous opening of the building with the help of large window fronts, a completely new look is created for the modern student residence. When you close it, you will find a cozy private space inside.

Used Euro pallets are practical, functional and surprisingly flexible

Student dormitory Paris facade made of pallets

Ame-Lot of Malka Architecture is a representative and ecological building. Used Euro pallets connected with hinges allow adjustability and various design options. Therefore, the modular facade elements of the building create a geometric clarity and an avant-garde appearance. Wooden pallets are a flexible building material. Their use reduced the amount of waste in the Ami-Lot construction.

Flexible facade elements made from wooden pallets

Pallet House-Paris Malka

Making maximum use of urban space – sustainable architecture

Modern green architectural wooden pallets

Student residence made from recycled Euro pallets in Paris

Rue Amelot Paris Pallet House Architecture

Project for the modern urban landscape in Paris

Euro pallets used in architecture

Student residence made from Euro pallets – Paris, France

Ame Lot student dorm design

Wooden pallets in architecture – Paris

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French architects Malka presents the Ame-lot student residence

Facade elements connected-wooden pallets

Innovative architectural elements – Euro pallets

Malka Architecture wooden pallets

Student residence on Rue Amelot in Paris

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Ame Lot dormitory project, Paris

Large facade fronts built from wooden pallets

Green architectural wood pallets

Connect Euro pallets with one another

Euro pallets connected with horizontal hinges

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