Urban steel classroom in the open air


The Colorado construction team has one urban classroom Completed of steel and grating in the courtyard in Lakewook, Colorado. That Colorado Building Workshop employs students in their senior year at the CU-denver. Built close to the city’s tram network, this classroom is an open school for all local residents who want to learn more about agriculture and farming on the city level. All photos via designboom architecture.

Urban classroom – an outdoor facility for education


A urban classroom as a place where you want to learn more about agriculture and farming, a further education for all those interested in this topic. The team of architects has placed a steel grating as a covering mechanism on the surface of the walls and ceilings of this construction to prevent vandalism. So it looks dynamic and modern. The size of the location allows enough space for two games at the same time: for those who sit behind their office and for those who are taught in the classroom.

Urban classroom east and west side


The omission of secondary supports is supported by the steel bar like a kind of skin on the structure, which bears the entire load. A urban classroom with a vertical roof attachment which appears more and more opaque to the visitor when approaching the system. The site is divided into three stations: a steel drainage channel that leads directly to the washing station and a plant bed that defines the boundaries between the interior and the entrance area. A portable table and skylight outline the east side of the classroom, while the foundations for a future amphitheater and its outdoor seating define the west side.


Rear view

Construction-made-of-steel-and-concrete-floor plan

Floor plan of the construction


Vertical roof attachment


Mobile table and skylight on the east side


Construction with grating without secondary supports

western view classroom

West view with refreshment station