Unique house with a glass front – a retreat in the middle of the big city

Facade design glass bricks wall courtyard create trees

Opical Glass House by NAP Architects is a unique project that was brought to a successful conclusion in Hiroshima, Japan in 2012. This modern House with glass Front hides barely noticeably between the skyscrapers in the city center and represents a place of refuge and retreat in the middle of the city.

House with glass facade by NAP Architects

Japan Hiroshima residential area urban architecture

That House with glass The facade, which incidentally houses a cozy inner courtyard with a garden and swimming pool, blends in harmoniously with the urban architecture of Hiroshima. The facade design with glass bricks contributes to the characteristic look. The 8.6m x 8.6m square facade, weighing approx. 13 tons, was designed with 6,000 glass bricks (borosilicate glasses with dimensions of 50mm x 235mm x 50mm). Their production has required great effort and dimensional accuracy. The glass wall also serves as a privacy screen, wind protection and sound insulation.

Urban architecture in Hiroshima – house with glass-brick facade design

Optical glass house facade design Modern

The exclusive House with glass The front is designed to be open. The full glazing lets in plenty of sunlight and at the same time offers a beautiful city view of the pulsating street and the inner garden from every room. Although the house of NAP Architecture is in a central residential area, you feel calm and comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere. The impressive living space is designed with maximum transparency. It extends over 2 floors and is constantly flooded with light. The rooms are designed in a dominant dark color. In combination with built-in furniture, it underlines the minimalist character and conveys a special flair.

The room tile wall ensures a feeling of security in privacy

Japanese garden saturation-modern house glass-Hiroshima

The glass facade weighs 13 tons

Glass brick wall building-japan architecture nap

Island of calm, hidden between the high Downtown buildings

Garden Design Indoor Optical Glass House Japan Designer House

Japanese style courtyard design

Open plan house indoor garden tree-japan style

The light creates interesting plays of color and light through the glass

Glass facade brick wall building modern residential house

Garden privacy protection with optimal transparency

Glass house with pool inside courtyard design

Relaxation break in the shade

Designer house glass facade Japanese architecture

Residential building with an open character

Loft apartment Japan modern look wooden furniture

Interior design in dark color

Optical house with glass stairs house design

minimalist interior design from Japan

Japan interior design minimalism wooden table

Wooden wall panels convey warmth 

Interior design wooden wall panels-minimalist

Built-in wooden cabinets

Built-in closet-hallway design ideas

Bedroom overlooks the garden

House with pool view bedroom facility

Classic bathroom in white

Bathroom design Plain white furnishing

Pouring facade elements out of glass

Pouring Glass Optical NAP Architecture Japan

Assembling the glass bricks

Facade elements-add to NAP Japan