Two-storey maisonette apartment KAZ with spectacular sea views

maisonette duplex apartment-Tel-aviv upper floor glazed-home-office

Single men could get away with this chicken Duplex apartment KAZ get inspired in Tel Aviv! In 2012 it was designed for a wealthy and single businessman and tailored to his personal living needs. 2 spacious residential floors with 2 separate entrances and a total area of ​​240 square meters offer rooms for social contacts and for concentrated work, as well as for entertainment, relaxation and recreation.

Duplex apartment with a masculine touch

private apartment view mediterranean coast-white interior design built-in furniture

The comfortably furnished mini-residence KAZ is located in a small complex directly on the coast of the Mediterranean. The tremendous view from the windows on both floors extends to the horizon of the wonderfully blue sea and creates an open, cosmopolitan feeling. The atmosphere in the duplex apartment is partly maritime, hospitable, airy, open and very bright. Inside and outside areas flow harmoniously into one another thanks to wide sliding glass doors.

Two-storey maisonette with tremendous views of the Mediterranean

kaz luxury duplex apartment with sea view panoramic windows

The entrance on the ground floor leads directly into the heart of the Duplex apartment – in a spacious, cozy living-dining room. This impresses with its imposing appearance and the carefree elegance of the materials used. The color white dominates and gives the impression of a spacious and endless space. The maisonette apartment is characterized by expressive contrasts of materials – in addition to smooth white surfaces, rustic wood colors and shiny metal fronts come into their own. Built-in furniture with a linear design looks timelessly beautiful, stylish and hygienic. A highlight is the sculptural self-supporting staircase that leads to the upper floor. The simple, transparent railings made of glass let a lot of daylight into the room, while wooden stairs with a triangular silhouette support the distinctive geometry.

Luxury apartment offers comfortable living space with work area

duplex apartment-with furnished terrace-outdoor kitchen-Kaz Tel-Aviv

According to the builders of, the maisonette apartment is designed like a true entertainment machine Gerstner Architects. The work area can be reached via the terrace. The wonderful outdoor terrace faces the sea and is an extension of the living room under the open sky. There is a lounge bar, outdoor kitchen with grill area, whirlpool and inviting lounge furniture to cool off on Drink in hand to end the evening. The idyll is rounded off by the wall screen – here the happy homeowner can watch football tournaments projected onto the wall by a projector undisturbed.

Bedroom with bathtub and wonderful sea views

duplex apartment furnishing bedroom integrated bath-sea-view

Duplex apartment KAZ in Tel Aviv  

Terrace with canopy wood cladding floor covering ideas for seating

cantilevered stair construction wooden stairs

kaz duplex apartment staircase-modern self-supporting glass railing white

Duplex apartment apartment-wood closet system with shelves

materials contrasts embossed interior stainless steel refrigerator white kitchen

tel aviv kaz duplex apartment simple white fronts lacquer kitchen

Flat white minimalist kitchen-kaz tel aviv

modern-high-gloss-white handleless fronts maisonette-tel-aviv lacquer kitchen

bedroom picture window natural stone bathtub oval

Wall unit cabinet system maple interior lighting kaz apartment

Bedroom rustic-bed closet-high-gloss white Apartment-KAZ

bathtub-natural stone matt-look parquet floor Kaz-tel-aviv

Photos by: Amit Geron