This faceted ceiling with triangular skylights is an absolute eye-catcher!

faceted ceiling with triangular skylights create a bright interior

A modern home built in an abandoned chapel won first prize in a London competition for “Best Home Extensions”. The project “The Chapel” by the architecture firm Craftworks is this year’s winner of the “Don’t Move, Improve!” Awards organized by New London Architecture (NLA). The house has a modern, faceted ceiling that is reminiscent of the church buildings by the German architect Gottfried Böhm. Large, triangular skylights provide plenty of light and create a bright, friendly interior.

triangular skylights and a faceted ceiling create interesting light and shadow effects

The London studio, previously known as John Smart Architects, created the new home in the old structure of a religious building in Camberwell, South London. Below that, a new basement was created for the bedrooms, while a new vaulted roof with triangular skylights ensures a light-flooded living area. “The chapel is one of the most dramatic house renovation projects, and the jury unanimously awarded the first prize – the large living space and the elegant, faceted ceiling were unbeatable,” said Peter Murray, head of the jury.

triangular skylights provide pleasant light in the interior

The program for a modern single-family home had to be surgically integrated into the existing external structure of the chapel. Four bedrooms including bathrooms and a study are located in the new basement, while the original room has been completely converted into an open dining and kitchen area. The triangular skylights and a series of thin arched windows let natural light into the room.

Chapel conversion saddle roof with triangular skylights brick facade

A dark, wood-clad staircase connects the two floors and should represent the gap between “day and night, heaven and earth”.

A fireplace was placed like an altar in the middle of the room. A bathroom is hidden across from a square, wood-clad box. Above that there is a small mezzanine where a private study can be found.

The walls are covered with waxed lime plaster so that a nice contrast to the brick facade and the slate roof is created.

Around the house, a landscaped garden designed by Jane Brockbank Gardens creates a “hidden retreat” where the multifaceted shapes of the roof are repeated.

Skylights provide natural light in the living area

triangular skylight accented by dark wood and brass

faceted ceiling with triangular skylights kitchen island with dining area

faceted ceiling with skylights modern vaulted roof

faceted ceiling and triangular skylights chapel remodeling

Suspended stairs made of dark wood in contrast to light flooring

modern gable roof with skylights open living area with fireplace

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