The Wasted Landscape Project – impressive art installation from CD

art installation from cds wasted landscape overview

This impressive Art installation was set up for the “Wasted Landscape” project. The large construction is in Paris and was made by Elise Morin and Clemence Eliard created.

The “Wasted Landscape” art installation – idea and implementation

art installation from cds wasted landscape armor

The huge one Art installation consists of approx. 60,000 old CDs that cover a few bulges as armor. The whole construction spreads over 600 square meters. The whole idea for “Wasted Landscape” was inspired by the rapidly evolving environment. It is already known that CDs will soon no longer be used in our everyday lives. Hence the idea to use these “relics” as a wasted landscape for a Art installation use.

Meaning of the “Wasted Landscape” art installation

installation cds wasted landscape modern art

The “Wasted Landscape” project addresses some important aspects in today’s modern world, such as the role of art in today’s society, the problems in the natural environment that such projects can make more popular, and sustainable development in all forms. The project uses a global innovative approach to create more awareness of certain topics and problem areas today.

installation cds wasted landscape metal optics

installation cds wasted landscape curves

installation cds wasted landscape details

 art installation from cds wasted landscape black elements