The pavilion – design and architecture trends from Africa

House Pavilion-Johannesburg South Africa

The west cliff pavilion in Johannesburg, South Africa, enchants with its originality, simplicity and pure elegance. The concept for an ultra modern and at the same time quiet apartment in the middle of a beautiful natural environment was conceived and implemented by the creative designer team from Gass Architektur Studio.

The Westcliff Pavilion – an innovative project following the environmentally friendly tendencies

Pavilion House-Johannesburg Dining Room

The construction is so simple, but at the same time completely commentary and modern. Steel frames embrace the pavilion in a striking way and effective lighting accentuates the open floor plan of the house.

The Westcliff Pavilion – the ideal vacation home

Bathroom modern house architecture design

The west cliff pavilion For some people, it is not only the perfect vacation rental, where to spend a vacation or a family event, but even a dream home. The picturesque African landscape that surrounds the pavilion offers fabulous peace and relaxation. For the interior design, the designers have mainly used solid wood furniture and wooden covers. Wood gives the room coziness, warmth and comfort and never goes out of style. The artistic combination of several materials – teak, brick, stone and glass is reminiscent of the building’s environmentally friendly concept.

Elegant furniture design and chic furnishings in the Westcliff Pavilion

elegant living room wood furniture

With its breathtaking facade, large windows and sliding glass doors, the Westcliff pavilion from the Gass architecture studio be counted among the best examples of contemporary architecture. It is a double apartment with sufficient space, classic furniture designs and economical decoration. Although the entire interior is exposed to the outside world thanks to the glass walls, privacy is preserved by the cozy furnishings. The romantic atmosphere in the bedroom is emphasized by soft curtains, which guarantees the best relaxation.

minimalist kitchen – Lodgia

Westcliff Pavilion Kitchen Lighting

Wooden furniture, simple shelves and ceiling lighting

Wooden pavilion cottage Lodgia

View of the house from the outside

chic house Johannesburg-modern architecture

Chic bedroom with curtains – glass walls

Bedroom pavilion Johannesburg

The Wesrcliff Pavilion – in the middle of a forest 

Westcliff Pavilion Garden building

Westcliff Pavilion blueprint

Construction plan pavilion