The modern lake house by K_m Architektur in Lindau, Germany


Built in 2006, the exclusive modern lake house from K_m architecture offers a spectacular view and great facilities. It is located in Lindau, Germany.

spectacular view – the modern lake house in Lindau



In addition to the epic view of the lake, this house has a very interesting facade that blends in with the surroundings. That modern lake house  is divided into two sections. At the rear, where “the facade is closer to the residence, are the function rooms and the bedrooms. The living and dining areas are open to a fantastic panoramic view over Lake Constance and are located in the other part of the house. You have a unique wood-burning stove.

beautiful surroundings and floor-to-ceiling windows – the modern lake house

beautiful-surroundings-lake house

Living in this house is just a dream come true. You can make a mistake in this wonderful modern lake house Find? It’s expansive, has floor-to-ceiling windows so that the view of the lake can be perfectly captured from every angle.

Skluptural fireplace in the living room

skluptural-fireplace-living room

Something missing? If this is a modern house, not only should it have an effective, beautiful interior, but it should also be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Well, it did. The modern lake house is extremely energy efficient and also environmentally friendly. It includes photovoltaic systems and geometric heating in addition to the large, sculptural fireplace in the living area. This house has it all. It’s absolutely perfect for people who want to escape the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, but don’t live entirely in an absolutely deserted area. It’s perfect for people who want a little break from the fast-paced world – sit back and watch for a little while.

inviting atmosphere in the bedroom


Practically meets beautiful. This fascinating, modern lake house, which has been developed by the talented architects from K_m architektur is fully equipped with everything a residence should have. Of course, to make the atmosphere more inviting and warmer, help the fantastic views and beautiful nature, which only complete this beautiful designer work of art.

  environmentally friendly energy efficient lake house

environmentally friendly-energy-efficient-lake house

The modern lake house – dining area

modern lake house dining area

House in Lindau kitchen area

house-lindau-kitchen area    modern-seehaus-bodensee-germany

House Lindau by k_m Architektur – the modern lake house

house-lindau-k-m-architecture house-lindau-architecture-plan