The Kempeneers house – an interesting design idea from Belgium

by Klaarchitectuur-Architektur

Moderne Hausgesltatlung - minimalist design

This small, interesting house is located in a rural area in Belgium. The so-called Kempeneers house,  designed by architects Klaarchitectuur is a 470 m² provincial house that manages to connect with the natural environment. It consists of two floors that divide the property through two unusually designed areas.

modern house design from Belgium

modern architecture - stone facade

That Kempeneers house stands on level ground and is surrounded on three sides by green grass. The fourth side is connected to the road by a wide gravel path. There is no special treatment that is visible in the outside spaces. The only vegetation that surrounds the property is grass.

the Kempeneers house

minimalist architecture with an exciting shape

Kempeneers house has an interestingly shaped structure. The main entrance and the nearby garage are hidden from the outside world by a wall that adjoins the upper floor of the building. The basement is spacious and also has extended walls. On the first floor there is a large living area, which is enclosed in the rear by a massive wall with a small window and which remains open at the front. The second floor includes the bedroom area with an associated terrace .

modern interior design from Belgium

minimalist interior design - colorful pictures in the living room

The facade is covered with gray bricks. They manage to refresh the somewhat rustic look of an older building. This rough exterior design brings a certain feeling and if the guests that Kempeneers house you will be surprised by the hospitable and cozy atmosphere.

The interior of this Kempeneers houseit is very modern and minimalist in design. Characterized by white walls and ceilings, dark gray living area and wooden flooring in the bedrooms, the interior design looks modern and stylish. All rooms receive a lot of natural light and provide views of the landscape.

By K.H. Christova