The island house – a hut with style

elegant island house made of glass and wood

That is exactly what the WRB Architects are doing with their project Island house have targeted. Hakan Widjedal, Natasha Racki and Philip Berghoff founded the architecture studio Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff in 2004, the same when the project was finished. Your projects are carried out in close relationship with customers and builders, where concept, design and construction are seen as inseparable aspects in order to guarantee an optimized end result.

Modern architecture – the island house

stylish house and garden design

The interior of the house is separated from the exterior by a sliding glass wall and therefore offers a view of the sea and the surrounding area, which includes a 500-year-old oak, pine and rocks. That Island house, Built on an area of ​​150 square meters, it was developed for a young family with children. Now we think the architects did their best. The house is half behind the gnarled pines.

The island house – modern design with comfortable interior

stylish house interior design living room

The large area for socializing includes a floor, a roof and a free-standing core for utilities. The island house also invites nature in the extensive use of wood for the interior. The bedrooms, storage and bathroom all overlook the courtyard, while a separate sauna is the convenience of this modern one Island house added.

stylish house wooden terrace

stylish house wooden facade

stylish house sliding glass door

modern little house - lake