The iron house

by architect Johnsen Schmaling

modern country house design - the iron house

This is a modern house built on the foundations of an older building. It was designed by architect Johnsen Schmaling. This is a home that combines simplicity, privacy and sophistication. It is also a true example of how to take outdated structures and redesign them to make them functional.

An interesting interior design – the iron house

stylish modern interior in the living area

The building is part of 1970s country houses that were erected in a Prairie, Wisconsin natural park in the spring. That House used the basics of an old country house. The new structure offers residents a large private area. Steel plates were installed on three of the house walls. The last wall facing south remains open to a patio. This is the back of the house, which offers a nice view of the natural forest.

That House consists of two levels. The level above the ground has a rectangular shape. The basement is intended for the garage and can only be reached from one side of the house. An external staircase was built in front, which leads to a small, glazed foyer. The glass facade forms a kind of observatory on the roof. The roof, which has a slight incline, is supported by the steel-wood trusses. All binders in the interior are adapted to the color scheme of the interior design.

  an interesting interior design for living room

interesting interior - living room

The Eisenhaus looks simple and modern. In the interior, polished and matt surfaces are mixed very well, so that the room appears more lively. The sun shines through the windows and the light softens the dark natural hue of the rooms.

By K.H. Christova

stylish minimalist interior design