The ice hotel in Lapland – a magical architectural wonder

The hotel is located in the small village of Jukkasjärvi in ​​Sweden

An architectural miracle happens every year in the beautiful snowy landscape of Lapland. It happens as if by magic Hotel of ice. It’s not a trick. This is a real hotel made of ice. It is known worldwide and casts a spell over thousands of guests.

Back to the magical construction of the Ice hotels. It’s a fusion that combines traditional craftsmanship, clever architecture and sculpture. Every year, with the fall of the first snow, a small army of builders, architects, designers and artists fight the ice and model it into this modern wonder. The unique assignment attracts eager participants from around the world who work together as the art and design team of the ice hotel became known. It is important that each suite is created by a different designer so that each zone has a unique identity. And every year the fabulous hotel is redesigned from ice. As shown here, the quality of work is truly remarkable given the unpredictability and fragility of the materials used. The photos shown here are from the 2010/2011 winter season and the 21st version of the Ice hotels in Jukkasjärvi, Lapland.

Unique interior design

The start of construction of the Ice hotels is fascinating. So that the first supporting structures are created, massive steel structures are laid, then snow is sprayed on and allowed to freeze. The metal parts are removed after a few days, when the plant is strong enough to support itself. This leaves a stimulating labyrinth of pure white columns and corridors. This ghostly web of open structures is then separated with walls of snow to design the hotel’s rooms and suites.

Bedroom – shimmering in the most beautiful blue

Pure transparent blocks of ice provide the raw material from which the artists will create the most wonderful shapes. The blocks are brought to the hotel from the frozen Torne River. The remarkable thing here is that this exquisite work is temporary and everything disappears as soon as spring comes.

Magical lighting

What a romantic place! No wonder so many couples have their weddings in the Ice hotel experience. Others come either to marvel at the architecture and art, or to soak up the magical atmosphere of a place that is the epitome of a winter wonderland.

by Jaz

The interior design of the magical architectural wonder