The house on the slope impresses with its openness and spaciousness

Architects house on hillside-built lake views cedar wall facade cladding

On a plot of 320 m2, located on a gently sloping slope in Queenstown, New Zealand, there is an exclusive residential building with an open living concept. The modern one House on the hillside enables spectacular views of the lake and mountains. Designed in 2012 by the architecture firm Kerr Ritchie with an ornament-free facade design made of dark cedar wood, Dublin Street House blends in unobtrusively with its surroundings.

Pent roof house on a slope with a protected wooden deck

Residential house with veranda-wood deck-on the slope-comfortably located mountain view

Dublin Street House is an outstanding architectural highlight in the area. The owner commissioned the builder to design an open and contemporary residential building that differs from the traditionally brick and plastered houses. He wanted a spacious and comfortable home that hardly looks massive from the outside and at the same time ensures the necessary privacy on the inside.

Modern house built on a slope

Contemporary shed roof home with panoramic lake shores Queensland

The angle-House on the hillside fascinates with its captivating spatial simplicity and the flowing transitions between inside and outside. The ground floor opens to the wooden deck through floor-to-ceiling frameless glass elements. The texture of stone or wood comes to the fore outside.

Facade cladding made of dark cedar wood, shaped as elongated parallelograms

House with pent roof dark cedar facade cladding-lake view

That House on the hillside fulfills the owner’s longing for simplicity. The use of natural materials with natural surfaces – seating levels, cooking surfaces, stairs turn the minimalist design into a homely atmosphere. Due to their quality and simple aesthetics, the selected materials are robust and timeless. The interiors radiate clarity, calm and comfort.

Dublin Street home of Kerr Ritchie 

Hillside Glazing House Shed Roof Lake View New Zealand Dublin Street

The interior of the house impresses with its warm colors and a certain simplicity. The cedar wall cladding preserves visual restraint and does not push ahead. Few objects in the room act like eyecathers. Indirect lighting and islands of light contribute to the pleasant spatial effect. Red carpets and accessories stand out because of their color. Glass walls make every room look more spacious. The furniture is characterized by its geometric and simple design and carefully fits into the overall concept.

House with terrace has a simple and elegant interior 

House with porch lighting-wooden deck sliding door-glass wall-stone garden-plant

House with pent roof located on the same height 

Architect house design exterior cedar wood black wall cladding built on the hillside

The glass front intensifies the connection between inside and outside

 Design house pent roof wood terrace glazing rock garden courtyard design

The sloping slope allows breathtaking views of nature 

Kitchen with panoramic window lakefront kitchen island cooker hood wood paneling

Privacy guaranteed by space-saving sliding doors

Home Cinema Sliding Door Wood Veneer Cedar Dublin Street House New Zealand

House on a slope with stylish furnishings

Kitchen island kitchen wood veneer-cedar Handleless kitchen cabinets Triangle-outline floor-concrete

The kitchen island is the focus

Kitchen Handleless Cooking Island Wood Extractor Hood-Stainless Steel Red Back Wall Dublin Street House

House library on the mezzanine

Mezzanine house-library-wooden stairs glazing-New Zealand Dublin-Street-House

Bedroom with cedar wall paneling

Furnishing the bedroom wall design with cedar wood planks cladding-bathroom red

Double-high ceiling in the living room

Residential home design woodburning stove Yellow wall cladding Dublin Street house

Photos by Paul McCredie

Residential house side view in section Dublin Street Queensland New Zealand

House side view Dublin Street House New Zealand

Architecture house with shed roof angled Dublin Street

Hillside house modern design Dublin Street New Zealand side view

Dublin Street House Side View Location Lakefront Queensland

Dublin Street House location floor plan-New Zealand Queensland